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Filmmaker Fresnel 4 / 5 Lights - Value Kit

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       Based on the positive feedback we received about the 3-lights filmmaker value kit, we introduce a more versatile kit configuration suitable for various photo applications and cinematic style productions.
     This "value" filmmaker kit includes the most used and asked lights and accessories in a single kit so you can benefit from the best discount of -20% from the list price and save up to 250€ by purchasing this package instead of individual items. 
     This complete kit with 4 or 5 lamp heads (configurable from the right menu) and suitable stands can be the perfect starter lighting kit for both professionals and serious amateur users. The variety of the lighting output  (650W, 300W, 150W) offers great flexibility in working with this tools and the fitting accessories offer an increased control over the light beam. 

     The basic kit configuration includes 2 pieces of Fresnel 650W, one piece of Fresnel 300W and one piece of Fresnel 150W with 3 suitable baby stands 2.50m and one baby stand stand 2.00m. An extra lamp head Fresnel 150W can be added to the kit content with one baby stand stand 2.00m.

     The Fresnel fixtures are the most common continuous artificial lighting sources, designed to produce a relatively even field of light. When we designed this lighting kit configuration, we had in mind the following setting: both Fresnel 650W can be used as a powerful key light, the Fresnel 300W can be used as a back light and the Junior 150W can act as a rim light, accent light or can be used for background lighting.
     The aluminum light stands with spring protection against accidental collapsing have a maximum height of 2.40m respectively 2.00m which is enough for most indoor applications.
     For this kit to be complete, we have added a series of accessories frequently used on the set to control and adjust the light.
     The conversion filter pack includes a mix of varying densities of orange and blue filters that will allow partial corrections of the color temperature from the lighting fixtures in order to match them with other lighting sources from the setup. For example using the CTB filters you can match your light with exterior light or fluorescent & HMI light. The second filter pack from this kit includes a selection of most popular diffusion filters of various densities that will soften the beam edge and even create a large shadowless area. The filters are used together with the included filter frames for each of the Fresnel fixture that are mounted inside the accessory holder, between lens and barndoors.

     The scrim kits for Fresnel 650W & Fresnel 300W are indispensable accessories used to reduce the intensity of the light without changing the color temperature. Every scrim kit includes 3 types of scrims that can be used separately or together to significantly reduce the amount of light from the fixture itself.
     The 1000W line dimmer will adjust the light output from 100% to 30% ensuring a smooth, flicker-free and silent operation. 
     For the whole operating process to be a safe one, the included leather gloves will help manipulating hot fixtures during production without injuring. 
     The entire configuration could not function without proper power suppliers therefore we added an extension power cord for quick setup and operation. 
     This cost-effective tungsten kit could not be portable and efficient without being easy to transport so we have packed  it in a Cordura rigid bag with silicone wheels that accommodates all the kit's components, keeping them organized for the job.  

Kit content:

4 x metal barndoors 4 leaf (Fresnel 650, 300, 150)
1 x diffusion filter pack (12 filter sheets)
1 x conversion filter pack (12 filter sheets)
1 x extension power cable 10m with fuse protection and reel.
1 x thermal protection gloves 
BONUS! One Focus - Exposure - White Ballance Panel will be included in this kit.

1 year guarantee

Note: from the right menu you have the option to add an extra Fresnel 150W light to the kit content. Together with the Fresnel 150W will be added an extra light stand 1.90m and 150W lamp. 


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