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CineBall T1000 Lantern Light

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Even and soft light source

The CineBall T1000 is a soft tungsten light having an overall look similar to a China ball fixture used by photographers / videographers and filmmakers to fill an entire shooting scene with even, soft light. The whole effect of the CineBall resembles to a giant light bulb that can be used to set the general lighting level, brighten the ambient, give a nice glow to the subjects and ideal even as a back light for a wrap around, soft effect.

Easy to assembly stainless steel construction

The solid stainless-steel wire construction makes the light more durable and reliable than a conventional paper lantern light. The CineBall comes with a preassembled wired cylinder cage with a "U" shaped center frame that simply latches to the bottom of the cylinder and shapes into a spherical form using pressure on both ends. No effort is needed, easy and fast to assemble by simply push down the center frame and hook the bottom.

Industry standard G22 lamp socket

This lantern light uses G22 1000W (110V or 230V) tungsten lamps commonly found on the 1K Fresnel lighting fixtures. The heavy duty three core power cable comes with integrated illuminated ON/OFF power switch to operate the lamp.

Heat-resistant fabric

The CineBallT1000 uses a heat resistant, ball-shaped fabric which can be easily velcro-ed onto the spherical wired frame. The upper half of the fabric is designed as a black tent with silver reflective interior to enhance the light output, while the bottom half consists of an 1/2-stop silk diffusion to even out the output and provide 360 degrees of beautiful soft light. The whole fabric is entirely washable, in case that the white diffusion gets dirty.
Standard baby pin mounting

The CineBall T1000 uses a long neck 16 mm mounting rod and can be easily boomed on a C-stand or Combo stand using a gobo head and arm to attach it. This lantern light can be positioned in different ways, most often hanged above the subjects to act as an ambient scene lighting.

Rigid cylindrical transport case

The CineBall T1000 comes with included rigid case with tubular design, provided with a small handle and a shoulder strap for easy transportation. The collapsible China ball type fixture is lightweight enough to be carried around and mounted into any location to be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Key Features:

- 1000 watts max lamp power (AC 100-240V)
- diameter: 65 / 26"
- soft tungsten light resembling to a China ball lantern light.
- easy to assemble stainless steel wired construction
- heat-resistant and entirely washable fabric
- upper side black tent with silver reflective interior to enhance the light output
- bottom side 1/2-stop silk diffusion to even out the output
- uses G22 1000W (CP71 / CP40) tungsten lamp commonly found on the 1K Fresnel
- stainless steel mounting rod 130 mm length
- includes rigid case with tubular design with small handle and shoulder strap for easy transportation

Package content:

1 x CineBall T1000 Lantern light
1 x foldable spherical wire cage
1 x G22 lamp socket with central frame
1 x softbox tent
1 x power cable 3.00 m with CEE 7/4-Schuko plug
1 x cylindrical transport case



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