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Studio Fresnel 650 watts - P.O (black)

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Cinelight Equipment

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Note: This model of Studio Fresnel 650W Pole Operated is in black color.

The Cinelight Fresnel 650 watts Pole Operated (P.O) was designed to be controlled from the floor when the fixture is hanged. Tilt, pan, focus and barndoor adjustments are all done by the user while standing on the floor with an optional control pole. This type of fixtures are best suited for studio applications, where is a need for clear spaces, without too many light stands which can cause accidents on the sets and also making it difficult for the camera to avoid them.
This model can also be used in theaters where lights are hanged high above.

Package content:
1 x lamp head
1 x barndoors
1 x power cable
1 x yoke bar with 1-1/8" pin
1 x manual

Guarantee: 1 year


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