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Reflector 2in1 silver / gold with handle

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Cinelight Equipment

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This handheld triangular reflector is designed to enhance the lighting environment, bringing out the shadowed details on the subject.

Having a triangular shape with built-in handle, this reflector is portable and easy to manipulate, with no stand or any support accessory needed. It is a very useful accessory, especially for one-man jobs.

The silver surface of the reflector is used to increase specular highlights, adding more contrast to the image.

The gold surface of the reflector can be used to create a warm, natural fill light around the subject, great for enhancing skin tones or for color balancing a scene.

The dual sided reflector has a collapsible design and includes a zippered transport bag for easy carrying and storage.

Dimensions: 80 cm length
Weight: 500 g


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