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Junior Fresnel 650 watts

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      The Cinelight Junior Fresnel 650 watts is the ideal, compact and lightweight fixture to work with, being designed to create a relatively even field of light. Short focal length lenses with wider angles give more light output and better light distribution over the full beam area. The adjustable focus makes it quick and easy to obtain the desired intensity or beam width so you can use it in flood position to get clean, hard shadows or in spot position when even light is desired

     The Cinelight Junior Fresnel is using a series of light weight aluminum extrusions and aluminum corrosion resistant castings for the outside of the fixture in order to dissipate the heat that comes from the light bulb as quick as possible to the external of the fixture, keeping the best operating temperature inside the fixture in order to increase lamp life and also offering the least amount of time that's needed for the fixture to cool down, when it’s time to wrap.


     Wide range of accessories available: barndoors, filter frame, scrims, snoot, safety cable, speed-ring adapters and softboxes.

     Fresnel lights are the most commonly used lighting fixtures on the TV and film production sets.


Key Features:

  - Smooth focusing mechanism to adjust the beam angle from flood to spot position.
  - It’s a very simple light to use, built with studio quality and yet it is small enough to take on location.
  - Can be used as a hair light or to set accents, on background elements, on talents.
  - Being a versatile fixture, it is commonly used by indie filmmakers, small crews, news gathering teams, in most all the field applications where power availability is limited.
  - The Cinelight Fresnel 650 watts can be equipped with Chimera 9670 speed-ring adapter and softbox to obtain a diffused fill light.

Package content:
1 x lamp head
1 x barndoors
1 x power cable
1 x yoke bar with 5/8" spigot receiver
1 x manual

Guarantee: 1 year