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Softbox Kit for Junior Fresnel 650W - 70x50 cm

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Cinelight Equipment

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     Softbox kit with speed ring for Cinelight Junior Fresnel 650 watts and other similar models: ARRI Junior 650 and other similar lights.
     This model of softbox is specially designed for Fresnel lights. Has a deep design that’s ideal for use with a range of narrow beam lights like our Junior Fresnel 650 watts light. The increased depth allows light to fill the front diffusion screen evenly and increase the output of your light. 
     The silver interior provides a more specular light quality with a faster gradation from highlight to shadow areas.

     The detachable soft grid helps reducing the sides light spill creating a more directional yet diffused light. 
     The tent fabric is made to be heat resistant to a temperature generated by a 1000 watts tungsten lamp.
  - Softbox size: 70 x 50 cm with 46 cm depth.
  - Mounting system with 4 poles
  - Includes soft honeycomb and second smaller white diffuser.
  - Speed ring adapter with 8 holes for rectangular and octagonal softboxes. 
  - Speed ring mounting diameter: 16.8 cm
  - Made from aluminum with black powder coating.
Package content:
1 x softbox tent - 70x50cm
1 x large white diffuser
1 x small white diffuser
1 x soft louver
4 x metal rods
1 x speed ring adapter
1 x canvas pouch.


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