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Studio DayLED 1200 Bi-Color DMX

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Note: this item is discontinued and replace with a new DayLED series

     The Studio DayLED 1200 Bi-Color with DMX-512 is a high power LED fixture that uses both 3200°K and 5400°K LEDs to produce luminous, directional lighting, having an equivalent output of a tungsten 1300 watts light yet drawing just 72 watts at full power (both 3200K and 5400K LED's turned ON at full brightness). 

     The 1200 bi-color studio LED bulbs offer beautifully soft light with a significantly further throw than a comparable fluorescent light because each of the 1200 LEDs focuses the light beam to a 45 degree angle that directs the light forward. This beam angle creates a beam pattern that is useful from 1 to 12 meters.

     The fixture provides the ultimate color control via a lighting control board located on the back panel, letting you adjust the brightness level for each set of LED's (3200K and 5400K) so both sets can run at full brightness in the same time resulting a color temperature of approx. 4500K with approx. the same light intensity as DayLED 1200 5400K only. This feature is very useful when there is a need for more light and custom white balance to 4500K can be made.
     Designed for both studio and location applications, the DayLED 1200 DMX features an integrated auto DMX-512 controller, enabling remote operation of one or multiple units from theater-style DMX console boards letting you control the light output in small increments or create custom programs for light intensity and color temperature for various scenarios in a studio. This model supports DMX IN / OUT loop via XLR 3P connectors with automatic addresses allocation. 
     To adapt the light to different shooting conditions, the output is fully dimmable from 100% to 0%, maintaining a constant color temperature across the entire dimming range. 
     Designed for quick and easy set up and operation, the DayLED 1200 DMX features easily detachable 4 way barndoors for better adjustment of light direction and protection of the led's when not in use. The unit is supplied by default with a black finish barndoors set for better shaping the light. Optional silver barndoors with a reflective finish are available, with 360° design which helps increasing the light output with up to 20% and controlling the spill between barndoor leafs.

     Runs on AC or can be powered from Li-Ion batteries using the optional external V-Mount or AB battery adapter.
     The package includes three acrylic filter panels: one correction filter (magenta color, also known as minus green filter to reduce the green of the light, making it suitable for portrait photography) and two different densities diffusion filters (half and full diffusion). The filters slide in easily in front of the LED's, in an accessory holder. 
     With a sturdy but lightweight aluminum design, the DayLED 1200 HO DMX is recommended for both permanent studio installation and on-location use.

Key Features:

  - Bi-Color 3200K and 5400K daylight balanced high output LED's
  - C.R.I > 85 RA (new generation, improved)
  - 50'000h led life
  - LED's beam angle: 45 degree (semi-flood)
  - high output (mixt mode): 1m: 12000lx | 2m: 3700 lx | 3m: 1800lx | 4m: 900 lx 
  - universal voltage input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
  - multiple power input options: worldwide AC 100-240V 50-60Hz, DC 15V.
  - low power consumption, draws only 72 watts with an output of a 1300W tungsten equivalent
  - dimming range from 100% down to 0%
  - built-in auto allocation DMX-512 controller
  - DMX IN & OUT port for series connection of multiple units (one single cable for all units and individual control).
  - built-in V-Lock battery mount for 14.8V Li-Ion V-Mount batteries 
  - easy removable 4 leaf barndoors system
  - includes four acrylic filter panels: warm, correction, half diffusion, full diffusion
  - perforated body design that ensures proper ventilation keeping the fixture's temperature low and prolong LED's life
  - lightweight and solid aluminum housing, weights only 2.8 kg (2kg without barndoors installed)
  - slim design, only 6 cm thickness (46W x 40H x 6L cm overall dimensions)
  - black powder coated aluminum housing, scratch resistant

Package content:
1 x DayLED 1200 Bi-Color DMX
1 x AC-DC power adapter
1 x power cable 5m (CEE 7/7) - PC computer type
1 x barndoors 4 leaf
3 x acrylic filters (correction, half diffusion, full diffusion) 
1 x yoke bar with 5/8" receiver
1 x user manual
Guarantee: 1 year


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