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LED Panel 1x2 Bi-Color

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Cinelight Equipment

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     The Cinelight LED Panel 1x2 Bi-Color is a very powerful lighting system, having an output of more than 1200W tungsten equivalent, drawing just 100W. The fixture uses 1156 3200K and 1156 5400K LED bulbs to produce luminous, soft, directional light with a wide beam spreading. 

     Designed for studio applications, the LED Panel 1x2 can be mounted on a light stand or hanged from ceiling using the dual mounting system: 5/8” spigot and 1-1/8” receptacle. The unit comes with included barndoors, that provide a certain control over the light beam and also an acrylic diffusion filter panel that softens the shadows.
     The fixture provides the ultimate color control via a lighting control board located on the back panel, letting you adjust the color temperature from cool white daylight to warm white tungsten so you can adapt to different situations. This feature is very useful when there is a need for color shifting and the whole process of relamping the fixtures, using filtration or changing the lighting systems entirely makes it difficult working. With the LED Panel 1x2 Bi-Color, a single light fixture does it all. Also, the Bi-Color user can make quick adjustments to match unusual mixes of color temperature, or to enhance skin tones.

     The LED Panel 1x2 Bi-Color has a full-range dimmer, with minimal change in color temperature. The product is designed for quick and easy set up and operation, remaining cool to the touch (which translates to safety and comfort). Runs on AC or can be powered from a V-Lock battery which allows for location shooting without generators or power cables. Absolutely silent and heat-free, the system can be positioned comfortably close to a subject's face, filling it with an unmatched quality of soft, wrap around light. 

     With a slim profile and strong, durable housing (all metal frame) with a perforated design, the LED Panel 1x2 Bi-Color can be easily carried using the included transportation hard bag that accommodates all system components: the lighting unit with V-Mount support and AC/DC power adapter, dual locking yoke with both 5/8” pin and 1-1/8”receptacle, acrylic diffusion panel and metal barndoors.

Key Features:

  - light output: 1m = 4200lx | 2m = 1400lx | 3m = 700lx
  - photometrics: 1m = F11  |  2m = F8  |  3m = F5.6 - T500 @24fps
  - slim design (7 cm)
  - strong aluminum housing
  - dial-up, variable color from 3200°K to 5600°K 
  - dial-up brightness
  - 2312LED's ( 1156 in 3200K and 1156 in 5600K)
  - ultra-efficient LED technology with high CRI level (>89RA) for broadcast
  - flood led's (60 degree beam angle)
  - 50'000h LED's life
  - heat & flicker free and silent operation
  - ballast free
  - dimming from 100% to 10% with no color shift
  - universal power input (AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz; DC 12-17V)
  - runs from AC or batteries
  - built-in V-Lock battery plate
  - includes barndoors for beam control, acrylic diffusion panel to soften the shadows and hard transport bag to accommodate all system components

Package content:
1 x LED Panel 1'x2' Bi-Color
1 x support bar with 5/8" pin and 1-1/8” receptacle
1 x AC/DC power adapter
1 x V-Mount support for power adapter
1 x barndoors
1 x diffusion filter
1 x user manual

Guarantee: 1 year


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