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DayLED 900 - 5400K (Aluminum)

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    The Cinelight DayLED 900 uses 900 ultra bright, 5400K LED bulbs which produce luminous, directional lighting, having an equivalent output of a tungsten 1000 watts light, yet drawing just 54 watts. The 900 daylight balanced LED's offer full spectrum, beautifully soft light with a significantly further throw than a comparable fluorescent light because each of the 900 LED bulbs focuses the 5400K beam to a 45 degree angle that directs light forward. This beam angle creates a beam pattern that is useful from 1 to 7 meters.

     DayLED 900 is ideal for location work because it can be operated from AC power (100-240V) or from a DC 12-24V battery. On the back panel there is a built-in V-Mount battery plate that accepts Sony type Li-Ion batteries to power the light. A 230Wh battery can power up the light up to 4.5h making this light handy to use in remote location where power is limited or unavailable. News crews and event videographers may find this feature very useful. 

    The output is dimmable from 100% to 10%, maintaining a constant color temperature across the entire dimming range. A wired-dimmer can be connected to the remote dimming port from the back panel to control the output when fixture is hanged in the air or similar situations when the dimmer knob cannot be easily reached to. The wired-dimmer is available as an optional accessory.

      The package includes three acrylic filter panels: one full CTO conversion filter that converts the color temperature of the LED's from 5400K to 3200K (warm) so the DayLED 600 can be used with tungsten lights, one diffusion filter that will soften the shadows and one correction filter (magenta color, also known as minus green filter). The filters slide in front of the LED's, in an accessory holder. 

     The advantage of LED lights over other lights is that they are small, lightweight, put out a lot of light, and use very little electricity, which makes them perfect in all lighting situations.

Key Features:

  - 5400K daylight balanced high output LED's
  - C.R.I > 88 RA (new generation, improved)
  - 50'000h led life
  - LED's beam angle:
45 degree (semi-flood) 
  - high output: 1m: 10900lx | 2m: 3200lx | 3m: 1580lx
  - universal voltage input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
  - multiple power input options: AC, DC 12/24V or battery (V-Lock Sony type)
  - low power consumption, draws only 54 watts.
  - dimming range from 100% down to 10%
  - remote dimming port
   - removable 4 leaf barndoors, black surface.
  - includes three acrylic filter panels: full CTO conversion 5400K to 3200K, minus green and diffusion
  - perforated body design that ensures proper ventilation keeping the fixture's temperature low and prolong LED's life.
  - lightweight and solid aluminum housing, weights only 2.4 kg.
  - slim design, only 6cm thickness ( 41W x 40H x 6L cm panel dimensions)
  - black powder coated aluminum housing.
  - 4 filters included: light diffusion, strong diffusion, warm, correction

Package content:
1 x DayLED 900 led light panel
1 x AC-DC power adapter
1 x power cable with in-line on/off switch
1 x removable 4 leaf barndoors
4 x acrylic filters (warm, light & strong diffusion, minus green).
1 x yoke bar with 5/8" receiver
1 x user manual

Guarantee: 1 year

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