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RingLED 332

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Note: this model is discontinued and replaced by the new models avaialble: here 
        The Cinelight RingLED 332 is an ultra bright camera LED light, that can be mounted at the level of the lens, increasing the accuracy of macro shots and eliminating unwanted shadows. 

        The great feature of this light is the dual dimmer control so the brightness can be adjusted separately for the left and the right side of the fixture. This is a very useful feature when there is a need to add more contrast and depth to a picture.

        The Cinelight RingLED uses 332 LED's having an equivalent output of  350 watts incandescent light, yet drawing just 20 watts.

        This slim line, professional lighting tool can be moved comfortably close to a subject, providing an extraordinary amount of soft, directional light. The RingLED 332 can be mounted directly on top of the camera, using the universal hot-shoe mounting system, or under the camera, using a 15 mm strong metal rod support. This mounting system is compatible with the most DSRL and HDSRL video cameras. The light can also be used with common studio tripods or light stands using the 1/4" thread.

       The unit can be powered via 2 battery case for 6 AA batteries with a Sony NP-F mount with individual battery charge meter, making the RingLED 332 ideal for field applications. Also, the unit comes with 2 Panasonic battery adapters for the CGR-D battery series. In Addition, The RingLED 332 can be powered from an external 100-240V AC power supply via the 7.2-12V DC socket.

        With a strong, reinforced plastic housing, the fixture weights only 0.7 Kg (including batteries).

        The Cinelight RingLED 332 comes with 4 snap-on filters: warm , magenta (correction) filter to reduce the green tones, and 2 types of diffusion filters (soft and super soft).  

        The Cinelight RingLED 332 is a great lighting instrument for both amateurs and professional photo-video users, ideal for macro shooting, product shooting, close-ups, eye light or fill light.

Key Features:
  - output power: 350 watts incandescent equivalent
  - power draw: 20 watts
  - voltage: DC7.2V-12V and AC200-240V/50Hz
  - dimming range: 100%-5%
  - color temperature: 5600K
  - superior CRI index: >88RA
  - LED Number: 332 pcs
  - LED Beam Angle: 60 degrees
  - illuminance: 1m: 1800lx | 2m: 800lx | 3m: 250lx
  - overall dimensions (WxHxD): 27.1 cm x 4.4 cm x 22.2 cm
  - inner dimension for camera mounting: 17cm W x 12 cm H
  - rods length: 20 cm and diameter: 15mm
  - weight: 700g
  - reinforced plastic housing & metallic mounting bracket
  - dual dimmer control (100%-5%), separately for the left and the right side
  - individual battery charge level meter 
  - includes 4 snap-un filters: conversion, correction, 2 diffusion (soft and super soft)
  - heat-free & flicker-free
  - completely silent (no fans, no ballast)
  - can be powered from 12 AA batteries or Li-Ion camera batteries: Sony NP-F type and Panasonic type.
  - can be powered from AC wall socket (100-240V) via 12 DC IN connector.
  - includes transport bag with handle that fits all the kit's components
  - 2 way mounting system: 15 mm rods for mounting under the camera and metallic hot-shoe bracket to place directly on top of the camera

Package content:
1 x RingLED 332 5600K
2 x battery case for 6 AA batteries, with a Sony NP-F mount
2 x Panasonic battery adapters
4 x snap-on filters: conversion, correction, 2 diffusion
1 x metallic hot shoe bracket
1 x metallic 15 mm rod mounting system
1 x transport Cordura case.


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