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CamLED ENG 30 Bi-Color & Bi-Focus

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Note: This model is discontinued and replaced by a new version which can be found here: link
     The new Cinelight CamLED ENG-30 matches the heat-free LED technology with the very efficient, short focal length Fresnel lens in a single housing. This powerful, daylight and tungsten balanced LED fixture is ideal to be used as on-camera light or can be mounted on lightweight stands, making it suitable for both field working and studio applications. 

     Another major feature of the Cinelight CamLED ENG-30 is the ability to combine both beam focusing and color adjusting technologies, so you can use it in both spot and flood mode, or dial between 3200K and 5400K, while maintaining single shadow properties. The beam focusing can be realized using a focus ring, very resembling with the one used on professional cameras. 

     Like all on-camera LED lights, the CamLED ENG-30 provides instant dimming from 100% to 0%, with no color shifting and flicker-free. Also, the fixture is equipped with a set of two barndoors to help shaping the light and to protect the Fresnel lens during transport.

     One of the main characteristics of this lighting fixture is that it provides a totally silent operation due to its passive cooling design (an aluminum radiator ensures the efficient cooling), so you don’t have to worry about any noisy fans.

     The Cinelight CamLED ENG-30 can operate on both Sony NP-F battery mount and V-Lock batteries (using a detachable 2-Pin D-Tap DC power cable); also can be powered using an external 10-16.8V power adapter.

     The CamLED ENG-30 Bi-Color and Bi-Focus provides you with bright, directional light, using just a fraction of the power of a conventional fixture.

     The high controllability of this revolutionary lighting fixture makes it a versatile instrument to be used as camera light or as regular studio light mount on a baby stand.

Key Features:
  - light output spot mode: 1m = 4800 lx | 2m = 1300 lx | 3m = 380 lx,
  - light output flood mode: 1m = 2400 lx | 2m = 650 lx | 3m = 200 lx,
  - variable color temperature from 3200°K to 5400°K or anything in-between
  - focus control from 70° to 20° beam via manual focusing ring
  - high-quality Fresnel lens
  - fully dimmable (0-100%), flicker-free and no color shifting
  - detachable pan-head with hot-shoe mount & 1/4" thread compatible with most Sony and Canon camcorders and also suitable for mounting on lightweight stands
  - instant restrike, no ballast necessary
  - lightweight, just 480g 
  - compatible with Sony type camcorder batteries, such as the NP-F770/F970.
  - power draw 30 watts.
  - wide range of voltage input (10V-16.8V)
  - can be powered from large V-Lock batteries via D-Tap cable (included)
  - robust plastic housing, includes barndoors for beam shaping and protection during transport
  - totally silent, using an built-in aluminum radiator for efficient cooling
  - Cordura carrying  bag included
Package content:
1 x CamLED ENG-30 Bi-Color & Bi-Focus
1 x pan-head with hot-shoe mount & 1/4" thread
1 x Cordura carrying bag

Note: optional accessories can be added from the right menu.

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