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CamLED 312 - 5600K

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     The CamLED 312 HO (High Output) is a small, bright source of illumination suitable for a wide range of on-camera applications. The unit uses all 312 LED's simultaneously at full power having a higher overall brightness than CamLED 312 Bi-Color. 

    The CamLED 312 HO is fully dimmable, allowing you to choose just the right intensity for any given situation. The dimming process is controlled by a microprocessor which ensures smooth operation of the dimmer and minimal color shift.

     This broad lighting source is ideal to be mounted on a camera or any place that calls for a highly portable softlight. Measuring 19 x 11.5 x 3.5 cm, the head weighs only 350g. The Cinelight CamLED 312 housing comes outfitted with a 1/4" thread. To mount the CamLED 312 on a photo or video camera, a metal pan-head shoe adapter is included. 
    The CamLED 312 fixture can be adapted for off-camera applications and become a very useful part of a larger lighting setup. Using the optional T-Bar accessory, two units can be mounted on a light stand in order to add substantially more illumination to a scene.

     The Cinelight CamLED 312 kit comes with everything you’ll need in a handy Cordura bag: lamp head, two Li-Ion battery 2200mAh, charger AC 100V-250V, diffusion acrylic filter, pan-head. The system offers an efficient snap-on battery - Sony DV mount. 
     Matching the cool to the touch LED technology with a compact body design, the CamLED 312 HO finds its use in hundreds of applications for your lighting setups.
Key Features:
  - tough plastic housing
  - measures 19 x 11.5 x 3.5 cm and weights 350g
  - 312 ultra-bright and high powered flood LEDs with 60° beam angle and 5600K
  - high light output: approx. 6700 lx @ 50 cm
  - Sony DV mounting system
  - slide-in diffusion filter
  - produces bright, soft light with continuous output
  - heat-free and flicker free technology
  - high quality components used on internal circuit ensure a flicker-free operation
  - fully dimmable (0-100%) with minimal color shifting using dedicated microprocessor  - HD format
  - combined universal shoe and 1/4" mounting thread make it usable on any tripod, stand, or camera shoe mount.
  - touch panel on CamLED and charger which indicates battery charge level.
  - can be operated only with one battery but the runtime will halve
  - variable input voltage: can accommodate any voltage between 7.4 – 14.8 V (can be powered from battery, car battery or V-Lock / AB battery)
  - multi voltage 12V DC & 100-250V AC battery charger - worldwide compatible
  - dual channel battery charger (can charge simultaneous and independent two batteries)
  - includes two 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery with 100min runtime at full brightness
  - magnetic snap-on filters (diffusion and warm)
  - Cordura transport bag (offers protection, includes all this kit’s components)
Package content:
1 x CamLED 312 HO
2 x Sony DV mount batteries 2200mAh – 7.4V
1 x dual channel battery charger (worldwide compatible)
1 x diffusion filter
1 x pan-head with hot-shoe mount & 1/4" thread
1 x Cordura transport bag (offers protection, accommodates all kit's components)

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