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KIT 2 x DayLED 1200 Bi-Color - hard bag

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We created this LED light kitthinkingto those situations when you need to shoot your photo / video or film in locations where access to an AC power source is limited or unavailable. With the optional accessories, this kit includes everything needed to be mobile and fast for the setup. With the optional 130Wh Li-Ion batteries, therun timefor the panels at full brightness is expected to be approx. 3-1/2h or longer if panels are used at a lower brightness level. With the optional 230Wh batteries, the runtime is over 6h.

By adding a third on-camera light you get the perfect portable 3-point lighting kit, fully independent of an AC power source. One of the main advantages is that you can have both daylight and tungsten color temperatures in the same kit, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
The included case is made from high quality fabric (Cordura) and reinforced with polycarbonate panels, offering maximum protection to the content. The bag can fit all kit's items + extra accessories in the outer pockets.

From the right menu you can add optional accessories. Price foraccessoriesis for two pics.
Base kit content:

2 xDayLED 1200 Bi-Color
2 x barndoors 4 leaf
2 x AC-DC power adapters (worldwide compatible)
2 x filter set (diffusion,conversion, correction)
2 x power cables

For this kit you have the option to change the kit configuration by replacing one LED panel with another model.

Available models:
DayLED 900
DayLED 1200 Bi-Color
DayLED 1200 DMX


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