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HMI PAR 6000 watts kit

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Cinelight Equipment

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On pre-order with 2-3 weeks delivery time.

The Cinelight PAR HMI lights are fantastic instruments on location. These fixtures can be used to light background elements, diffused or bounced into a white sheet for soft fill to light talents (PAR lamps are usually too hard sources for lighting faces). PAR lights are more efficient than Fresnels, and they deliver a strong punch of light with a longer throw.

These lighting instruments are commonly used to light large spaces at night, giving a little more depth to the night scenes, and also in situations requiring a far reaching, intense beam. Whenever punch or bounce light is required on a set, the Cinelight PAR is the ultimate answer.

PAR lights have clear, UV protective glass in front and require separate spreader lenses to be placed in front for wide flood, medium flood, spot and narrow spot variations, in order to obtain the desired beam configuration. The spreader lenses affect both the shape and angle of the beam. The lens are available to purchase separately.

As with any HMI fixture, The Cinelight HMI PAR light requires a ballast in order to function. The Cinelight HMI ballasts provide the latest standards in ballast technology: flicker free at any frame rates, low noise, high output, dimmable by 50% of the output light, active line filter (A.L.F) and power factor correction (P.F.C), all this make this ballast ideal for most demanding. A rugged and compact design offers easy handling in the field.

A hard plywood case it is included for transportation. The case accommodates the HMI PAR lamp head, electronic ballast, power cable and barndoors.

Package content:

1 x HMI PAR 6000 watts lamp head
1 x HMI electronic ballast 6000/12000 watts
1 x 7m power cable ( ballast to lamp head)
1 x 1.5m power cable (ballast to wall socket)
1 x barndoors 4 leaf
1 x transportation hard case (optional)

Note:delivery time for this item is expected to be 3-4 weeks.


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