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CineFlo 4FT 4Bank - select

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     The CineFlo line of fluorescent fixtures from Cinelight Equipment is one of the most common fluorescent light type used on big productions studios, in still photography and movie pictures. The whole CineFlo line is designed to make your life easier, to make you work faster and more accurate, and take some of the guest work out of it.

     The CineFlo fluorescent fixture provides soft, cool, flicker-free light like a bounce-source, and has also the features to control the intensity and spread of the light emitted, by using the built-in barndoors and included louver or other accessories available from third parties.

     The fixture is designed so that, if the whole fixture is too bulky for a particular application, the tubes, wiring harness, and reflector can be quickly stripped out of the fixture and employed in any number of configurations as needed. The fixtures are lightweight enough to tape to a wall.  The housing is made from polycarbonate and has reinforced ends, making it resistant to the every day abuse on the set.

     The lamps, being the most important component of this fixture, give several color temperatures, primarily the daylight and tungsten. It is very portable, and the lamps take almost no power so it is a very low power consumption. When you’re on a location the beauty of using these lights is that you can walk into a situation when you got a lot of daylight in the room and you can lamp them daylight or you can get into a situation when you’re working in a studio for the day so you can lamp them tungsten.

     The barndoors close for transport or for shipping and they protect the instrument; they open up and act as barndoors. The new dual hinge system (metal plate hinges and flexible conduit) helps precisely positioning the barndoors and ensure long time operation without tear.

     The louver will help you to control the spill. Because the light is so soft and diffused, the light spreads out to vary wide beam.  The louver is attached using Velcro and can be pulled off completely.

     The detachable lamp harness has 4 different individual cables, one to each lamp and they’re shorten to the length and color labeled so that each one only goes to one lamp. This way you won’t have any confusion of what goes where.

     The mounting system for the 4ft 4 bank is an omni-mount (MTP-K41) and it’s called the universal mount because it is for the single, double and 4 bank systems and that would be up to a 4ft size. The omni-mount has four capture points and a secure lock pin. This mount is designed to work on a grip head allowing you to position the fixture in virtually any position. With the optional baby-receiver mount (MTP-B41) you can get the grip head off and mount it directly on the top of the stand.

     The ballast is manufactured from high quality components with performance and durability same as  higher cost competitors. The ballast is designed to operate the lamps at 24'000 Hz, 400 times faster than traditional ballasts. The reason for that is that it is a very high frequency and it keeps out of range of a normal 60 Hz pattern which creates flicker, very critical when you’re shooting films. Flicker free at any shutter speed.
     The ballast has 4 separate switches to control each lamp individually so you can adjust the light output without color shifting the lamps color temperature (K).
     CineFlo Bank Select ballasts (four-bank and double-bank) feature an additional high-output/standard-output toggle switch. Use the high-output setting for 4-ft (75W) lamps and the standard setting for 2-ft (40W) lamps so you can use the same ballast on 4FT fixtures and 2FT fixtures.
     Includes an easy to change power fuse that protects the ballast against electrical shocks.

     These instruments are truly the workhorses of the industry, for all blue/green screen work all over the world, regardless if it is a motion picture, commercial or any other field.

     Components and accessories are fully compatible with Kino Flo brand.

     CineFlo line offers the same light quality as higher priced competitors at a fraction of cost!

Key Features:

  - provides sufficient output to serve as key light at moderate light levels, or as a soft fill at higher light levels.
  - built for high impact work on location.
  - ballast draws very little AC power
  - 4 high output lamp fixture.
  - built-in barndoors.
  - new dual hinge system for precise positioning and long lasting operation. 
  - removable lamp harness, reflector and louver.
  - twist-on, locking center mount.
  - compatible with G13 True Match® , Cinema 55" Daylight and Tungsten lamps.
  - 4 bank selectable offering individual lamp control.
  - dual mode switch select: high output (75W-4ft) and low output  (45W-2ft).
  - flicker-free: operates at 24'000 Hz, more than 400 times than a traditional ballast.
  - operates full color spectrum (CRI>90RA, no green or blue spike)
  - instant-on.
  - dead quiet, no fans, no noise, low heat.
  - strong lightweight housing made from polycarbonate material.
  - external ballast and 7m power cable included.
  - over voltage protection and easy to change power fuse.

Package content:

1 x 4ft 4lamp fixture
1 x reflector
1 x louver
1 x removable harness
1 x omni-mount system MTP-K41
1 x 7m power cable
1 x external 4 bank ballast - select
1 x user manual

Guarantee: 1 year


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