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Studio Ceiling Rail System 3x3m - 4 pantograph

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An innovative studio device which combines the benefits of both motorized pantograph's and hoist into one versatile unit. The key feature is the very compact length in the fully raised position, which is especially important in studios where height is restricted. It is mounted to the ceiling so that the unit is very stable and loads do not have to be balanced. The entire lighting and cable systems can be suspended from this studio rail system clearing the floor from light stands and cables, giving you more free space to move.
Key Features:
- pantograph extensible from 40 to 200 cm
- maximum system load: 60 kg
- each pantograph supports a load of up to 15kg using only the friction device.
- rail carriages with brake system for unwanted movements of pantographs or tracks.
- rails length: 3m
- 4 rails (2 fixed, 2 movable).
- rubber wheels with metal ball bearings ensure safe operation with loads of up to 15 kg.
- silent and smooth movements due to rubberized wheels and bearings.
- metal made parts (aluminum & steel).
- all components are black painted to eliminate unwanted reflections.
- recommended for small & medium size studios. For large studios multiple fixed tracks can be joined covering a larger area. Movable tracks cannot be joined.
- the lights can be moved in 3D axis (front/back ; left/right / up/down).
Package content:
4 x rails 3m length
4 x pantograph 40-200 cm / 15gg payoad
4 x rail carriage forpantograph
4 x double carriage for rails
4 x safety steel wire
4 x double ended spigot pin 16mm (5/8")
8 x ceiling fixing plate for rails
8 x rail cable carriage
8 x rail end stoppers
1 x user manual
Guarantee 1 year


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