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C-Stand 330 cm with boom arm - black

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Cinelight Equipment

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The C-Stand 330 cm is a solid and durable light stand made from chrome plated steel. The C-Stand 330 cm includes one Gobo Arm 100 cm (boom arm) with removable two grip heads in order to provide a complete support for lights and accessories.

These heavy duty light stands are more stable and very effective to support more weight than the usual tripod type light stand. The 2 riser central column with 3 sections allows adjusting the height of the C-Stand.

The C-Stand features a detachable "turtle" base that is easily removed for easy transport. The innovative design on the Century Stand base allows individual legs to be set at any angle and can be positioned in locations not possible with classic stands.

The unique staggered leg design allows C-Stands to be nested and therefore be placed extremely close to one another on set.

Thanks to it's unique design and features, the C-Stand is an important component of any filmmaker / photographer / videographer's lighting arsenal.

Some special uses for C-stands:
- can be positioned on uneven terrain due to the sliding leg
- to arm a lighting fixture over the action;
- a bounce card rig uses a single stand to support the light, bounce card, and net;

Package content:

1 x C-Stand 330 cm - black
1 x Boom rood 100 cm - black
2 x Grip heads - black


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