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Autopole 210-380 cm

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Cinelight Equipment

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     The Cinelight Autopole 380 cm is a silver finish, single action adjustable pole that can be quickly mounted between the floor and the ceiling. It provides a stable support system for different grip arms, booms, lights and other accessories. 

     The Autopole 380 cm it is height adjustable between 210 cm and 380 cm, being secured through its own force between solid walls or floors and ceilings. The pressure that applies to these surfaces it is enough to keep the pole in place and to be used with lights and grips that weight up to 25 Kg in total (only when autopole is mounted between floor and ceiling). The tension mechanism with the locking system is 2 steps adjustable, meaning that the Autopole can apply different pressures when mounted, depending on the surface’s strength. 

     The Autopole 380 cm has non-slip, solid rubber cushions at the ends to protect the walls, floors and ceilings from being damaged, minimizing the pressure marks and avoid slipping. The spring tensioning mechanism on one end provides the necessary pressure so the pole can be locked in place. 

     Used with lightweight accessories like small lights, backgrounds and reflectors, the Autopole 380 cm can be mounted horizontally, between the walls, changing any household type room into a photo / video studio.

Key Features:

- aluminum construction with silver finish
- non-slip, rubber cushions at the ends
- strong tensioning mechanism
- mounts by applying pressure to the floor and ceiling or between walls
- 2 different pressures settings, depending on the mounting surface’s strength 
- minimum height: 210 cm
- maximum height: 380 cm
- sections diameters: 45 / 40 mm
- weight: 2.6 Kg
- payload: 25 Kg (vertical mount only!)


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