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Baby Stand 3.00 m - Stainless Steel (HD)

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Cinelight Equipment

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       Heavy duty baby stand made from stainless steel to sustain heavier lighting fixtures. Ideal for location assignments. The legs can be quickly retracted by loosening the T-handle on the top collar and pulling up. The legs have a wide base for stability.

     Thanks to the double handles on the spider casting, the stand becomes more stable when lowering the central column on to the ground.

     This model features a leveling leg aka “rocky mountain” leg used to lean the stand or to level the stand on uneven ground.

Key features:

  - supports up to 15 kg payload.
  - spigot is welded inside steel tube for maximum mechanical performance.
  - leveling leg.
  - anti-extraction collars.
  - adjustable central column height.
  - captive lock offs thread into rust free steel inserts.
  - assembled using bolts instead of rivets for simpler maintenance. 
  - chrome surface finishing lasts longer, prevents oxidation and gives the product a polished look.
  - upper spider casting with extender for storage o the rack. 

Recommended to use with:

- Redhead 800W / Blondie 2000W
- Fresnel Junior  650W / 1000W
- Flolight 4x55W / 6x55W
- CineFlo 2FT / 4FT
- Studio Cool 2x55W / 4x55W / 6x55W
- D-Lite 200 / D-Lite 400
- CineLED EVO M / L / XL
- LED Panel 1x1
- DayLED 1000
- SoftLED XL
- Junior LED Fresnel 100 / 200


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