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CineLED SkyHUE "S"

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Being in a continuous process of expanding our LED line, in 2019 we introduce theCineLED SkyHUEsoftlight that employs thefull RGB+W color gamutLEDs to deliver millions of rich and vibrant colors, offering also an extensive color temperature range from 2800K to 10000K. Having comprehensive controls into a single panel, the CineLED SkyHUE is the current most advanced light source from our LED line that will definitely enhance the value of any production.

CCT, HSI and RGB color controls

TheCCT(Correlated Color Temperature) mode allows to accurately adjust the color temperature from cozywarm 2800K to a deep sky blue 10'000K in order to match any lighting condition like thewarm shades of a lurid sunset,the cool tints of a bright sunlight in the summer or blue moonlight in a clear dark sky.

TheHSIcolor mode allows for hue angle, saturation and intensity adjustments that work together by intuitively selecting a specific color and fine tuning the vividnessof the color and light intensity.

TheRGB+Wcolor mode provides a user-selected combination using individual color values of red, green, blue and white in order to obtain any desired color from the visible spectrum.

User convenient features: built-in filters, lighting effects, scene saving

Filter mode
The filter function applies different color corrections over a selected white balance (3200K or 5600K), similar to applying a filter gel in front of a conventional light. These digital filters are used to obtain various common theatrical effects or to match existing light sources like the green tint of the fluorescent tubes or the magenta of older LED panel generations.

Effects mode
The CineLED SkyHUE comes with several programmed special effects with adjustable parameters for each one to customize it for ones specific needs. Using the effect presets, the panel can simulate the light from a candle, the police car flashing lights, the fireworks and other commonly used in scenes for a dramatic look. The effects range is on continuously development and new ones will be introduces through future firmware updates.

Scene saving
The scene saving function offers the user the possibility to store into the panel's memory a set of values for each of the three color control modes (CCT, HSI, RGB+W), in order to be recalled at a later use of the panel.

Intuitive controls through the on-board interface with LCD display

The CineLED SkyHUE uses an intuitive panel controlling interface for easy and fast operating the fixture. The on-boardfunction shortcut buttonsaccess the main functions such like: color control modes (CCT, HSI, RGB+W), the filter mode, the special effects and the scene saving. Three large selector knobs located on the right side of the controlling board can be easily handled (even with gloves on) to fine tune the desired values. The LCD display shows all the useful information for the user to adjust and customize the desired values.

Built-in DMX controlling function

The back panel controlling board features a built-inDMX512function through two ports (in/out) with XLR-3P connectors, enabling remote operation of the unit from a DMX lighting console. This allows for the CineLED SkyHUE to be integrated into more complex studio installations such as news sets, talk-shows or entertainment productions.

Wireless control through remote & mobile app
Wireless remote
Optional wireless remote control available to fully control the CineLED SkyHUE remotely from up to 20 m distance. This accessory is very useful when the panel is mounted in a position where the on-board control panel is difficult to reach.
Smartphone app through WI-FI
All the panel's adjustments will be available through a mobile app, making the CineLED SkyHUE even more user-friendly in terms of controls. This function is now under development and will be available in the second part of the 2019.

Robust aluminum construction

Having today's industry requirements in mind for both end-users and rental companies, the CineLED SkyHUE features a solid, robustfull aluminum constructionthat can withstand heavy daily use on busy sets. The built-in back handles can be used to easily position the fixture into desired direction and also protects the back panel controls.

The solid, metal yoke bar features toothed friction end pads to ensure a firm grip and precise position without having to over tightthe tilt locker.

Available light modifiers: 4-leaf barndoors, softbox, honeycomb louver

The4-leaf barndoors(included)for CineLED SkyHUE can be used to control the light spread and reduce the light spill. The quick release latch system on the front panel frame allows for the barndoors to be easily mounted for a fast setup.

To further increase the light aperture of the CineLED SkyHUE, thesoftbox(optional) with silver interior is the perfect accessory to use. The removable front diffusion silk helps to smooth the shadows and create an even larger and softer beam field, while the additional soft grid provides directional light control. With no mounting hardware required, the softbox slides easily over the panel and can be secured using 2 velcro back straps.
Thehoneycomb louver(optional) attaches directly to the CineLED SkyHUE panel using the frame's quick release latch system and offers a convenient way to control the light by narrowing the beam angle.
Transport trolley case included for easy storage and carrying
Afoam padded trolley caseis included for convenient transport from a location to another. The telescopic handle and the bottom wheels provide convenient mobility, just like a common standard trolley case would. The reinforced walls of the case offer better protection during handling and storing. The CineLED SkyHUE panel along with all it's components and accessories can be proper organized and protected inside the trolley case compartments.
Future available functions through firmware updates

The CineLED SkyHUE line is on continuously development and any future improvements and add-ons will be available throughfirmware updates. By simply uploading a downloadablefile through the built-in USB service port, performance-enhancing features can be updated into the panel's software directly by user.

Key Features:

- full RGB+W color gamut mixing delivers rich and vibrant customized colors
- extended CCT bi-color mode adjustable from 2800K to 10'000K
- high output, 1KW tungsten equivalent
- Hue, Saturation and Intensity (HSI) color control for fine adjustments
- individual RGB+W (Red, Green, Blue, White) level adjustments
- fully dimmable from 100% to 1% with no color shifting
- high CRI > 95 and TLCI 95 using latest generation SMD LEDs
- smooth shadows and homogeneous beam field
- digital filter function available to simulate gels applied over the selected white balance
- special effects function for cinematic looks (fireworks, police car lights, candle lights etc)
- shortcut buttonsfor main functions (CCT, HSI, RGBW, filters, effects, scenes)
- large selector knobs, easy to handle even with gloves
- built-in DMX-512 function for studio remote operation
- solid construction, full aluminum housing
- upgradable software for adding new functions and effects
- accessories: barndoors, softbox, honeycomb louver, wireless remote control, transport case

Package content:

1 x CineLED SkyHUE "S"
1 x barndoors 4 leaf
1 x AC-DC 100-240V power adapter
1 x DMX cable
1 x secure wire
1 x user manual
1 x transport trolley case, foam padded


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