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LED Panel PL680 - Bi-Color

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The Cinelight LED Panel PL-680 Bi-Color is part of our new value series of studio LED lights, comprising several premium features into one great money's worth product.
Built-in digital display
One important feature of the LED Panel PL-680 is the digital display located on the back panel that shows the color temperature, light intensity, radio channel number for remote control and also the battery remaining level.
680 high CRI LEDs - 3200K and 5600K color temperature
The fixture uses 680 high CRI LEDs (340 in 3200K and 340 in 5600K) to produce directional, semi-flood light. The LED Panel PL-680 Bi-Color is dimmable from 10% to 100% with no color shifting and draws only 20W, with an output of 2250 lx @ 1m.
Touch illuminated buttons to control the light
All the adjustments of the LED Panel PL-680 are made using thetouch sensitive illuminated buttonsthat control the light intensity, color temperature and channel assignment.

Radio remote controller with large display included

The Cinelight PL-680 fixture includes a radio remote controller to adjust the light from up to 30 meters away. The remote controller features a large display showing the brightness or color temperature values as well as the channel number it operates on. Remote controlling is available for one or more panels at once and up to 99 individual panels or groups configured on the same channel can be controlled simultaneously. The remote also features a master channel ("00") that allows controlling all the fixtures at once, no matter the channel they are assigned to. This feature is very useful when an entire set needs to be adjusted at once or there is a need to turn off all the panels with a single command.

Tough plastic housing with ventilation slits

Manufactured using tough plastic housing with nice, smooth finish the lamphead is provided with ventilation slits to help dissipate the heat, keeping the interior temperature low, therefore increasing the life expectancy of the LED bulbs.2 side 1/4" mounting threads are provided in order to use the panel along with suitable studio accessories. The housing iscompact, measuring only26 x 18 x 5 cm and weighting just 1 Kg.

Built-in 4-leaf aluminum barndoors

The panel has 4-leaf built-in aluminum barndoors with hammered silver reflectors to enhance the light output. Also, the barndoors can be used to control the light spread and they offer protection to the LED bulbs during transport.

Removable tilting bracket with umbrella socket

The Cinelight LED Panel PL-680 comes with aremovable tilting bracketwith bottom standard spigot 16 mm receiver to mount the panel on a light stand.The bracket is provided with built-in umbrella socket to install an umbrella in front of the panel and bounce the light when needed to. Having the tilting bracket as a mounting system on a light stand is considered to be a great advantage when the panel needs to be tilted up and down because it doesn't obstruct the open barndoors like standard yoke bars do. The tilting bracket can be easily removed using the click-pull system so it can be stored separately from the panel.
Includes removable handle to hold the panel

An add-on handle is included to hold the light by hand, which translates in versatility in use. The panel can be easily grabbed and moved around any subject, without any additional studio accessories to depend on.
Diffusion filter to soften the shadows

The packagealsoincludes one front diffusion filter which helps to soften the shadows. The filter can be easily inserted in front of the panel, into the dedicated slide-in accessory slot.
Powered via 2 NP-F batteries
The LED Panel PL-680 can be powered via two NP-F batteries or from a wall power socket using the included power adapter. Additionally the panel can be powered from larger V-Mount or Anton Bauer batteries using the optional externals V-Mount or Anton Bauer battery plates we offer.
Package content:

- 1 x LED Panel PL-680 Bi-Color
- 4-leaf barndoors
- 1 x AC-DC power adapter
- 1 x diffusion filter
- 1 x tilting bracket with 5/8" receiver and umbrella holder
- 1 x radio remote
- 1 x user manual
Guarantee: 1 year


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