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LED Panel 1x1 Bi-Color DMX 100W

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      The newest generation of Cinelight LED 1'x1' bi-color panels features an increased density of LED bulbs (2304!), providing twice the amount of light output, comparing with previous generation. The technological enhancements also translate in new, high quality LED's that meet the high standards of professional broadcast industry in terms of color rendering accuracy (CRI 96  Ra/ TLCI 95 Qa)


      The premium quality 3mm LED bulbs arranged in a high density board enable the upgraded 1'x1' panel that features almost twice the amount of LED's than the previous generation. The standard size 30.5 x 30.5 cm housing now holds 2304 LED bulbs (1152 LEDs in 3000K and 1152 LEDs in 5700K) that deliver the equivalent output of a 800W tungsten lamp at only 100W power consumption. The ultra efficient LED technology endows the 1x1 Bi-Color Panel with high CRI 96 Ra / TLCI 95 Qa output.


     The increased density of LED's help to reduce the undesirable layered shadow pattern, very often encountered when using standard multi-dot LED panels.


     The built-in digital display provides useful information like: color temperature and brightness values in small increments so you can easily match multiple similar LED panels in the same setup or precisely duplicate the previous scene.


   The color temperature of the LEDs displayed on the panel varies from 3000K to 5700K and the brightness level can be dialed from 0% to 100%. These adjustments can be made using the lighting control board located on the back of the panel, letting you adjust the light intensity or color temperature from warm-tungsten to cold-daylight so you can adapt to different shooting environments.


     Like all LED Panel 1x1 lights, the Bi-Color version has a full-range dimmer, with no change in color temperature. Additionally this model features an built-in DMX-512 controller, enabling remote operation of the unit from theater-style DMX console boards letting you remotely control the brightness and color temperature of the panel. The input and output connectors are XLR 5P type. The DMX addresses can be manually assigned using the touch buttons on the back of the panel. The assigned address is displayed on the three digit display. Switching from manual control to remote DMX control can be made using the dedicated switch.


   The product is designed for quick and easy set up operation, remaining cool to the touch (which translates to safety and comfort). Runs on worldwide AC or can be powered from a V-Mount battery which allows for location shooting without generators or power cables. Absolutely silent and heat-free, the system can be positioned comfortably close to a subject's face, filling it with an unmatched quality of soft, wrap around light. Also, the 1x1 Bi-Color's modular design makes it easy to customize the lighting configuration to meet the shoot's requirements.  


     The LED 1'x1' Bi-Color can be mounted on a light stand or hanged using the dual mounting 5/8" spigot receiver. With optional mounting hardware, the modular housing enables 2' x 2' and 4' x 4' multi-panel configurations, making the units able to fit a wide range of jobs. 


     The standard package of Cinelight LED Panel 1x1 includes: 1x1 Bi-Color DMX fixture, diffusion filter, universal AC-DC power supply, V-Lock support for power supply, transport case 


     Optional accessories are available: 4 leaf metal barndoors, softbox kit, support frame for 1x2 and 2x2 multi-panel configuration, various capacity batteries.


Key Features:


 - light output: 1m = 7400 lx | 2m = 1950 lx | 3m = 900 lx
 - 2304 LED's 
( 1152 in 3000K and 1152 in 5700K)
 - ultra-efficient LED technology with high CRI level 96 Ra / TCLI 95 Qa
 - 3mm LED bulbs arranged in a high density layout
 - flood led's (60 degree beam angle) equal wider effective beam spread
  - bi-color function, variable form 3000K to 5700K.
  - built-in digital display that shows color temperature and light intensity
  - easy matching multiple panels LED 1x1 Bi-Color using the digital display.
 - lightweight (2.4 kg) and slim design (7 cm)
  - strong full metal housing
  - dimming from 100% to 0% with no color shift
  - universal power input (AC 100-250V / 50-60Hz; DC 15V-7A)
  - can be powered from AC or V-Mount Li-Ion batteries
  - V-Lock support for holding the power adapter on the back of the panel.
  - XLR 4P DC input socket.
  - built-in DMX512 function with XLR 5P IN / OUT ports for loop configuration.
  - built-in V-Lock battery plate
  - built-in DMX-512 controller 
  - modular design for multipanel configuration


Package content:


1 x LED Panel 1'x1' 100W Bi-Color DMX
1 x yoke bar with 5/8" dual mount spigot receiver
1 x worldwide AC/DC power adapter
1 x V-Mount support for power adapter
1 x DMX cable with XLR 5P connectors
1 x diffusion filter
1 x transport case
1 x user manual


1 year guarantee



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