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CineFLEX "S" 5600K

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Slim, lightweight and bendable 34W 5600K LED mat

The CineFLEX "S" 5600K is a new flexible LED lighting panel that consists of a 30x45 cm bendable mat with incorporated daylight LED SMDs rows of a 34W total power. This panel is 1 cm thick and about 0.3 kg heavy and can be mounted out-of-sight in almost any location.
Flexible design to twist and roll the LED panel in any form

The flexible design allows the panel to be used in a variety of shapes such as cylinders, arcs and other more. For example, if rolled in a cylinder form, the panel can be used for a 360° panorama small product photography or for long thin highlights in reflective objects. When twisted in an arc form, the CineFLEX can be used in product photography as an effective wrap-around lighting. Just choose the desired shape to mold the panel into and use adhesive tape to secure the final form.

5600K Dimmable  high CRI / TLCI SMDs

The fixture uses daylight (5600K) high CRI (>95Ra) SMDs, dimmable form 100%-10%, that almost reach an 180 degrees beam spread which  makes this fixture great for general fill lights. 
Adhesive Velcro back edging 

The CineFLEX features a built-in Velcro back edging that allows customizable mounting to any grip-on surface. Having a thin profile, the CineFLEX can be placed in tight spaces like vehicle / boat / plane interiors, elevators or even inside objects for product photography. Also, using the adhesive Velcro design, multiple panels can be joined together to form a large LED wall.

External power supply with digital display 

The CineFLEX comes with an external power controller and can be placed into hard to access places and controlled from a convenient distance so it doesn't affect the shooting frame. 

Optional extension cables are available for those situations when the distance between power controller and the LED mat must be increased. 

X-Cross back frame with tilting mounting bracket for light stands

The CineFLEX can be mounted on a light stand using the included X-cross back frame with built-in tilting mounting bracket with bottom standard spigot 16 mm receiver. This mounting system allows the panel to be tilted up and down, panned to the sides or 360 degree rotated for convenient use.

Optional mounting frame to grip the CineFLEX on a C-Stand

Also an optional mounting frame can be used to grip the CineFLEX to a C-Stand using a classic grip head and convert the LED fixture into a light emitting flag panel to produce light or flip the panel to block the light just like any standard black flag. 

Optional diffuser dome to soften the light

Another optional and very useful accessory for the CineFLEX is the diffuser dome that attaches in front of the panel using the Velcro edges and softens the light output, making the CineFLEX suitable similar to a Chinese lantern. 
Powered via universal AC-DC power adapter

The unit can be powered either from a 100V-240V power socket using the included universal AC-DC power adapter or from an V-mount battery using the included V-lock plate, making the CineFLEX suitable for both studio and location applications. 

Includes transport bag for easy storage and carrying 

Having a slim and foldable design, the panel can be easily folded and rolled for storage and transportation. The package includes a tube case and a transport bag to fit inside the CineFLEX panel and power controller, making this type of lighting instrument an obvious solution for travelling photographers and filmmakers. 

Key Features:

 - flexible, slim and lightweight LED mat which can be used in a variety of shapes (arc, cylindrical) 
 - daylight SMD LEDs 5600K, dimmable 100%-10%
 - high CRI >95 Ra / TLCI 95.5 Qa for natural color rendering on cameras. 
 - Velcro on the back edgings that allows customizable mounting in variety of places.
 - external power controller 
 - can be mounted on a light stand using the included X-cross back frame with built-in tilting mounting bracket with bottom standard spigot 16 mm receiver
 - optional diffuser dome to get a very soft light similar to Chinese lanterns.
 - powered via universal AC-DC adapter or external V-Mount battery
 - includes transport bag 
 - dimensions: 30x45x1 cm
 - weight: 0.3 Kg

Package content:

1 x CineFLEX L Bi-Color
1 x power controller 
1 x AC-DC power adapter
1 x X-Cross back frame with tilting bracket and 16mm spigot receiver
1 x Velcro straps set
1 x transport bag



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