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LED Panel 1x1 Spot

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      Cinelight Equipment has introduced in 2010 the new LED lighting system called LED PANEL 1'x1'. In the summer of 2011 the new generation of LEDs was released with an increased light output (over two times brighter comparative with a 2010 model).
     The LED Panel 1'x1' gets its name from the size of 1 ft x 1 ft (30.5 x 30.5 cm); on that size you have 578 LEDs which produce a lot of light (the equivalent of a 1000W tungsten lamp in daylight color), drawing only 45 watts @ 15V.
     Unlike the LED Panel 1x1 - Standard (flood), the Spot model uses LED bulbs with a narrow beam angle (30 degrees) giving a higher light output with a further throw.
     The rated Kelvin color temperature of the LED's is 5600K at a CRI level of 88RA that renders natural skin tones without any filtration. The LED Panel 1x1  can also be used in the same setup with fluorescent lights like D-Lite and CineFlo.
     An integrated control knob on the back enables instant dimming from 10 to 100% with no color shift.
    Absolutely silent and heat-free, the system can be positioned comfortably close to a subject's face, filling it with an unmatched quality of soft, wrap around light.
     The LP-1x1 can be mounted  on a light stand or tripod via a yoke bar with standard spigot 5/8" receptacle. With dedicated mounting hardware, the modular housing enables 2' x 2' and 4' x 4' multi-panel configurations, making the units able to fit a wide range of jobs.
     The LP-1x1 comes with an universal external 100-2V0VAC switching adapter, which provides 15VDC to the unit.
     LED Panel 1x1 runs off a variety of 12-17V sources, including car battery and V-Lock battery. The panel is equipped with a built-in V-Lock battery plate.
     Optional accessories are available: 4 leaf metal barndoors, acrylic filters, transport case, Li-Ion long run batteries, multi-panel configuration kit 2x2 & 4x4.
     LED Panel 1x1 can get virtually any use, whether is clubs, events, on location, or even broadcast. The advantage of LED lights over other lights is that they are very small, put out a lot of light, and use very little electricity. Very handy for those situations where AC power is limited or unavailable.
     Cinelight LED Panels 1x1 are amazingly versatile tools with features suitable to any user from beginner to professional.
Key Features:
  - light output: 1m = 7200lx | 2m = 2200 lx
  - photometric: 1m = F16 | 2m = F8-1/2  -  T500 @ 24 fps
  - lightweight and portable (weights only 2.5 kg)
  - slim design (7 cm)
  - strong metal housing
  - 5600K daylight color temperature 
  - ultra-efficient LED technology with high CRI level (88RA)
  - LED's beam angle: 30 degree (spot), higher light output, longer throw
  - high output: 7200 lux @ 1m
  - 50'000h LED's life
  - heat free and silent operation
  - no flicker
  - ballast free
  - dimming from 100% to 10% with no color shift
  - universal power input (AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz; DC 12-17V)
  - runs from AC or batteries
  - modular design for multipanel configuration
  - built-in V-Lock battery plate
Package content:
1 x LED Panel 1x1 5600K - Spot
1 x AC/DC power adapter
1 x V-mount holder for power adapter
1 x yoke bar with 5/8" spigot receiver 
1 x user manual
Guarantee: 1 year

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