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KIT 3 x LED Panel PL680

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     The LED Panel PL680 lighting kit is the affordable solution for any videographer in need for on-location lighting equipment with fast setup and easy to work with in a "one man crew"

     This is a basic kit including 3 LED Panels PL680 and a transport bag for storage and carrying around. Each one of these 3 lights is supplied with 4-leaf built-in barndoors, diffusion filter (and warm filter for the daylight version of the panel), tilting bracket, removable handle, radio remote controller and AC power adapter.

     The panel features a digital display showing brightness and color temperature values, radio channel number and battery remaining level. All the adjustments are made via touch illuminated buttons located on the back of the panel.

     The included radio remote controller with large display can operate the panel from up to 30 meters away. Remote controlling is available for one or more panels at once and up to 99 individual panels or groups configured on the same channel can be controlled simultaneously. A handy feature of the remote is presence of the master "00" channel which allow to control simultaneous all the lights from the set without with a single push of a button (like lowering the light intensity of all light together or turning them ON/OFF without dialing each panel radio address to gain the control).

     Each LED Panel PL-680 comes with a removable tilting bracket with bottom standard spigot 16 mm receiver to mount the panel on a light stand. The bracket is provided with built-in umbrella socket to install an umbrella in front of the panel to create a softbox with a translucent umbrella or bounce the light with a silver or gold umbrella.

     The carrying case is compact and can fit only the three LED panels together with their related components. For the optional light stands a separate dedicated transport bag is provided. 

Base kit content:

- 3 x LED Panel PL-680 5600K
- 3 x 4-leaf barndoors
- 3 x Worldwide compatible AC-DC power adapter 
- 3 x diffusion filters
- 3 x tilting bracket with 5/8" receiver and umbrella holder
- 1 x radio remote controller
- 1 x user manual
- 1 x transport bag 

Note: from the right menu you can add 3 x Baby Stands 2.00 m.


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