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KIT 2 or 3 CineLED EVO "L"

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Note: this kit configuration si discontinuned and replaced by the new version avaialble here

     The CineLED EVO "L" Lighting KIT is the ideal solution for a videographer in need of studio-quality lighting on location.

    Well suited for any documentary or ENG applications, The CineLED EVO "L" KIT can be configured with twoor three CineLED EVO "L" lighting panels paired with 200 cm tall light stands and additional optional accessories like softboxes, barndoors and batteries ... all fitted inside a reinforced-rigid case.

     Each LED fixture comes with included yoke bar with 5/8" dual mount spigot receiver for vertically or horizontally mounting. Each of these LED lights is supplied with a multi-voltage AC power supply, being also compatible with optional V-Mount Li-Ion 14.4V batteries.

     The CineLED EVO L panels are 100%-0% dimmable, minimizing repositioning of the lights to change the intensity of the output, while brightness adjustments are digitally displayed on the built-in LCD screen, facilitating accuracy and repeatability.

     The included case is made from high quality fabric and reinforced with polycarbonate panels, offering maximum protection to the content. The bag can fit all kit's items + extra accessories in the outer pockets.

     This affordable and practical LED Kit is also recommended for small studios or for location photographers who need lightweight and battery powered fixtures.

Base kit content:

- 2 x CineLED EVO "L" - Daylight 5600K or Bi-Color
- 2 x yoke bar with dual mount 5/8" receiver
- 2 x power adapter AC100-240V / DC 12V 6A
- 2 x detachable power cable 3m 
- 2 x acrylic filter set (milky white and warm*) 
- 2 x light stand 200 cm, reversible legs
- 1 x Cordura trolley case 59 x 34 x 37 cm

 One Focus - Exposure - White Ballance Panel will be included in this kit.

Guarantee: 1 year

 from the right menu you have the option to add an extra CineLED EVO "L" LED light to the kit content. Together with the LED panel there will be added an extra light stand 200 cm included in the price.

Also it is possible to replace one of the panels with one or two smaller EVO "S" panels allowing for a greater flexibility in building the desired kit configuration. 

The following KIT configurations are possible:

2 x CineLED EVO "L" with 2 stands
3 x CineLED EVO "L" with 3 stands

2 x CineLED EVO "L" + 1 x EVO "S" with 3 stands
2 x CineLED EVO "L" + 2 x EVO "S" with 4 stands


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