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Wireless Remote Control for CineLED SkyHUE

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Cinelight Equipment

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The wireless remote control for CineLED SkuHUE line is a very useful accessory for those situations when the panel is mounted or hanged into a position where the on-board controlling panel is difficult to access.

The remote features all the function shortcut buttons and allows full control over one or more CineLED SkyHUE panels, if multiple units are set on the same channel. This is particularly useful for studio grid installations using CineLED SkyHUE panels which require individually or simultaneously adjustments.

The intuitive controls replicate panel's on-board interface and access the main functions like: color control modes (CCT, HSI, RGB+W), the filter mode, the special effects and the scene saving.

The digital display of the remote shows all the useful information for the user to adjust and customize the desired values.

The effective control distance is up to 20 m, without the presence of any obstructions or environmental electromagnetic interference.

The included strap and velvet drawstring pouch come very handy in terms of handling and storage.

Package content:

1 x wireless remote
2 x AAA type batteries
1 x velvet drawstring pouch


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