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Wireless Remote for CineFLEX RGB

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Cinelight Equipment

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The 2.4G radio remote with digital display is now available for the CineFLEX RGB LED panels.

The remote features intuitive controls using a double function control wheel and basic ON/OFF and UP/DOWN buttons.

Remotely control both RGB and bi-color functions of the new CineFLEX LED mat. Adjust the intensity on each primary RGB color and render million different colors to fulfill any lighting effect requirement. Adjust the color temperature and brightness on the bi-color function to match the CineFLEX RGB with any lighting ambient.

The effective control distance is up to 50 m, without the presence of any obstructions or environmental electromagnetic interference using digital data over 2.4GHz frequency.
Capable to control multiple devices individually or all together (if the CineFLEX units are set on the same channel).

This radio remote is a handy accessory to have for CineFLEX lights that allows to make all the needed adjustments, without individually operating each panel.

Dimensions: 179 x 56 x 22 mm
Weight: 160 g

Note: compatible only with RGB series of CineFLEX. Not compatible with Bi-Color models.


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