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Mounting Accessory Kit 4 panels - CineLED 1x1

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Cinelight Equipment

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Mounting accessory Kit for CineLED Panel 1x1 that consists of one large metal connection plate and four small metal corner plates. This mounting kit enables a 2x2 LED panel configuration.

The modular housing of the CineLED 1x1 features multiple 1/4" threads on the back panel so the metal plates can be easily mounted, creating a single wide LED light from 4 CineLED 1x1 panels. In this way, a large daylight source can be used for a wide range of photo and video applications.

The mounting plate features a 5/8" receiver so the 2x2 LED panel can be mounted on any baby stand with 16 mm spigot.

The XLR-3P power in/out loop ports of the CineLED 1x1 allow for the DC power to betransmittedfrom a panel to another so when multi-panel configuration is made just one AC-DC power supply can be used (special higher amperage model).

The synethernetin/out ports allow for brightness to besynchronously adjusted. Changing the light intensity on one panel automatically can adjust the intensity of the other ones.

Note:compatible only with CineLED 1x1 DMX 5600K. Not compatible with LED 1x1 Bi-Color 100W.

Package content:

1 x mounting plate with 16 mm spigot and tilting bracket
4 x intermediary connecting plates
16 x screws
3 x syn Ethernet cables


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