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External Power Supply 100-240V to 7.4V

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External power supply adapter for CamLED and other types of camera LED lights which use SONY NP-F type batteries and NP-L.

Can be used to power a LED light when the dedicated batteries run out of power and an external power source is available (wall power socket). Also suitable as a permanent power supply for LED lights which are used in studioenvironmentand needto run for a long period of time.

Power input: AC 100V-240V / 50-60Hz
Power output: DC 7.4V - 2000 mAh

Compatible with:
- CamLED 160
- CamLED 144 HO & Bi-Color
- CamLED 144 HO V2
- CamLED 312 HO & Bi-Color
- CoolLED 256

Not compatible with:
- CamLED 209 HO & Bi-Color
- CamLED 10 HO


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