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CineFLEX "L" Bi-Color & RGB

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     Following the current professional lighting industry trends, the CineFLEX line now includes new models incorporating the very demanded RGB + Bi-Color technology. Having the benefits of this flexible LED mat merging with the versatility of the RGB LED's, this new CineFLEX model can be the perfect tool when it comes to creative lighting effects.

Render virtually any color using the RGB LED’s

     This new CineFLEX model  uses  3in1 RGB (Red, Green, Blue) high power SMD LED’s with the ability to render millions of colors to fulfill almost any lighting effect requirement.  Each of the primary RGB color can be individually adjusted in intensity by the dedicated control function. Any custom color can be created with small intensity refinements on the primary colors. 

     Using the built-in presets the CineFLEX RGB also offers easy access to some color variations .

Extended CCT range 2700K - 10000K

     In addition to the RGB technology, the new model of the CineFLEX line now features an extended CCT range on the bi-color function, having an adjustable color temperature from deep warm 2700K to icy-blue 10000K. The bi-color LED’s are also dimmable from 0% to 100% and have high CRI (95Ra) with rated TLCI index of 98. 

Slim, lightweight and bendable LED mat

     The CineFLEX "L" is a bendable 40x60 cm lighting mat incorporating  bi-color & RGB SMDLED’s with a total power of 100 watts. The LED mat is only 1 cm thick and weights about 0.5 kg. This makes it a versatile lighting instrument to use.

     The flexible design allows for the panel to be used in a variety of shapes such as cylinders, arcs and other more. For example, if rolled in a cylinder form, the panel can be used for a 360° panorama in small product photography or for long thin highlights in reflective objects. When twisted in an arc form, the CineFLEX can be used in product photography as an effective wrap-around lighting. Just choose the desired shape to mold the panel into and use adhesive tape to secure the final form.

     The CineFLEX features a built-in Velcro back edging that allows customizable mounting to any grip-on surface. Having a thin profile, the CineFLEX can be placed in tight spaces like vehicle / boat / plane interiors, elevators or even inside objects for product photography. Also, using the adhesive Velcro design, multiple panels can be joined together to form a large LED wall.

External controller with digital display 

     The CineFLEX comes with an external light  controller with a digital display that shows the color temperature and brightness values on the bi-color LEDs, the RGB color selection with individual intensity value and DMX/radio channel for remote operation. Having an external controller, the panel can be mounted into hard to access places and controlled from a convenient distance so it doesn't affect the shooting frame. 

    Optional extension cables are available for those situations when the distance between the power controller and the LED mat must be increased. 

     The controller box can also be mounted on the light stand using the hanging strip or the included mounting clamp that attaches to the stand's central column or to one of the stand's legs to serve as an extra stand stabilizing weight (just like a sand bag would do).

DMX512 & 2.4G remote controller with digital display

     The controller has built-in DMX512 capability through two Ethernet RJ45 in/out DMX ports and also built-in support for the wireless 2.4Ghz remote. A radio remote with digital display is now available as an optional accessory for the 3rd generation of CineFLEX. Using the intuitive controls, the users can remotely fully control one or several CineFLEX units at once from up to a 50m distance. 

Includes a solid transport case

     Having a slim and foldable design, the panel can be easily folded and rolled for storage and transportation. The package includes a transport hard case to fit inside the CineFLEX panel and power controller, making this type of lighting instrument an obvious solution for travelling photographers and filmmakers.

Key Features:

- flexible, slim and lightweight LED mat which can be used in a variety of shapes (arc, cylindrical) 
- 3in1 RGB SMDs with intensity adjustments on each primary color
- extended CCT bi-color SMDs  2700K - 10000K
- fully dimmable SMD LED’s from 0% to 100%
- specially build SMD’s for photo-video industry having rated CRI of 95 and TLCI 98
- flicker free PMW circuit design for slow motion shooting
- Velcro on the back edgings that allows customizable mounting in variety of places
- external light controller with digital display and dedicated buttons for main functions
- flexibility in mounting: on stand, on boom arms, taped on ceiling or by Velcro on soft materials (car ceiling / back of a chair)
- powered via universal AC-DC adapter or using an optional V-Mount battery
- includes transport hard case
- LED mat size: 60 x 40 x 1 cm
- LED mat weight: 0.5 Kg
- external power controller size: 21 x 12.5 x 8 cm  
- external power controller weight: 0.9 kg

Package content:

1 x CineFLEX L RGB & Bi-Color 100W
1 x light  controller with digital display 
1 x universal AC-DC power adapter
1 x X-Cross back frame with tilting bracket and 16mm spigot receiver
1 x Velcro straps set
1 x transport case

1 year warranty


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