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CamLED EVO S Bi-Color

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New generation of camera LED lights

Following the customers' needs for a smaller version of the much appreciated CineLED EVO series adapted for camera mounting, we have extended the EVO LED series with the newest generation of CamLED lights based on the same design and technology as the larger CineLED EVO panels. 

Ultra-thin and lightweight design

The CamLED EVO "S" Bi-Color has a solid one piece aluminum housing with rugged appearance and side ventilation slots that ensure proper heat dissipation from its powerful SMD LEDs. This pocket size LED light with ultra-thin profile is the perfect match for any video camera or DSLR featuring a hot shoe / cold shoe mounting adapter. 

Ultra-bright SMD technology

Using the latest generation of the SMD technology, the CamLED EVO "S" delivers considerable higher output than previous on-camera lights, with high CRI / TLCI (95 RA), specially developed for photo-video applications where color rendering accuracy is mandatory. The built-in diffusion filter helps to smooth the shadows out and creates a pleasant light on the subject face. 

Intuitive and precise light adjustments

The light output is dimmable from 100% down to 10% keeping a constant color temperature and flicker free across the dimming range. The cross-fade controlling function allows for setting the desired color temperature (between 3200K to 5600K) while keeping the light level constant.

User-friendly back panel controlling board

The built-in digital display located on the back of the panel shows the brightness level and the color temperature value the CamLED is set on and also the battery charging level. The panel is provided with 4 buttons: the ON/OFF power button, the MODE (M) button that switches between brightness and color temperature settings, and the (+) and (-) control buttons to adjust the brightness and color temperature. All the adjustments are easy to handle and the whole process is very intuitive for the user. 

Multiple powering options

The CamLED EVO "S" can be powered from an optional 7.4V NP-F battery, or using an external V-Lock / AB battery along with a matching D-Tap power cable or from a power socket using a suitable power adapter. All of these powering accessories are optional and can be found on the "Accessories" page. 
Dual mounting options

The CamLED EVO S can be mounted on camera using the included hot shoe mounting adapter or can be screwed directly on a light stand using the bottom edge 1/4" thread adapter. 

Key Features: 

- high output SMD technology with high CRI / TLCI (95 RA)
- ultra-slim and lightweight aluminum housing with rugged appearance
- pocket size dimensions: 14.5 x 9.5 cm
- dimmable output 100% down to 10%, flicker free
- adjustable color temperature warm (3200K) to daylight (5600K)
- built-in front diffusion filter to smooth the shadows
- built-in digital display shows brightness and color temperature values
- includes hot shoe mounting adapter

Package content:

1 x CamLED EVO S Bi-Color
1 x hot shoe mounting adapter


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