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Studio DayLED 800 Bi-Color DMX with Touch Display


After reading the detailed description of this product, I was convinced this light could be the right one for me and how right I was . I also have the camera version of the led panels and even got to use the DayLED 800 along with them. It is very easy, as you can adjust the panel and know exactly what color temperature you have by just watching the digital display on the back. The silver layer for the 4 leaf barndoors enhances the brightness and spread (didn't believed it until actually tested). Although it looks a little bit bulky, the unit is actually lightweight and handy. Didn't find a dedicated transport bag for it, but after discussing with the Cinelight technical support (which by the way offered great assistance) they suggested the bag for DayLED 1200 as it has the fitting dimensions. I know see they added as an accessory for the LED Panel 800 (I may have the credit for that :) ). Don't hesitate and get the best money can buy!
 Review by Lukas Manfried