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CamLED 312 Bi-Color


Love this light! Pretty bright and the option to change the color temperature is a big plus for me as a event videographer! I can adjust the look of the light in all situation .. as you know it's hard to find perfect balanced lights these days in location such restaurants where most of them now use compact fluorescent bulbs with different color temperatures 3000K, 4200K, 4800K. I can warm the color of skin just by warming the LED's color.
The panel is very lightweight (I was expected to be heavier giving the dimensions) and well constructed with metal knobs and hotshoe mount. I liked that the package has everything you need to start shooting: light, mount, battery, charger, diffusion filter, transport bag...perfect!
The runtime is longer if I keep the brightness dimmed to 60%-70%
Good investment!
 Review by Peter Marschall