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3 x Tungsten Redhead 800W kit - soft bag


Good lighting package with a lot of light output! Very good to light wide areas bounced into the ceiling to bring up the general lighting level. This lights runs hot so it's not the best idea to place them close to talents unless you want to bake them :). For talent lighting I use the optional softbox 75cm at 2m and get beautiful results as a soft, diffused fill light. As a backlight I often use a 300W Redhead placed directly behind & works very well.
The quality of the Cinelight fixture is much better than other cheap lights you find on eBay or Amazon and comes with a solid support frame, on/off switch, thick power cables which earthed for safety (BEWARE! of those cheap alternative you may find elsewhere, I have had bad experience with those!!)
Stands and bag is ok for medium usage, for something more serious I recommend to upgrade to hard bag version and maybe thicker stands.
Overall a very good deal comparative with what I would have paid of a Ianiro similar kit. Thanks & regards from Germany! Michael.
 Review by Michael Davidson