Discount Coupon


Are you happy with your cinelight products? Than let others know!

Make and publish a review and we will reward you with 50% discount from the reviewed product's price.

How the campaign works?


After you have purchased a product from our website, have it in use and within a 3 months after purchasing share your feedback with us. If the product has met your requirements, don't hesitate to write about it on your blog or public forums or even make a youtube review then send us the link. We will check it out for validation and send you a coupon of 50% from the product's value that will be used as a store credit for your next purchase.



Here's an example: If you purchase a 500 Euros product and make a review for it, the coupon you receive will be worth 250 Euros as store credit for next purchase. Please note that the next order must be at least 500 Euros worth of value. If it's lower than that, let's say you order products that are worth 400 Euros in total, a 200 Euros discount will be applied and the remaining 50 Euros from the coupon will be used on your next purchase.




- Written reviews can be published on personal blogs or industry dedicated forums.

- The video can be published on vimeo or youtube only and must include links to the reviewed product on our website.

- The review must be made within a 3 month period upon receiving the order.

- The discount coupon represents 50% from the reviewed product's price.

- The amount from the coupon will be used as store credit for the next purchase.

- The store credit is available 6 months after receiving the coupon.

- When making the next purchase,we will manually process the order and apply the store credit.

- The amount from the coupon must represent no more than 50% from the new total order value. If the coupon's value is higher than 50% of the new order, the store credit will be split for another purchase/

- This offer has a limited availability and can be withdraw anytime. Users who have submitted the reviews and received the voucher codes can use them within 6 month even the offer is publicly withdraw.

You can address your questions or send the review links to:



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