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HMI Fresnel 2500 watts kit

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On pre-order with 2-3 weeks delivery time.

     The Cinelight Compact 2500W HMI light is a compact, rugged, high output Fresnel designed for use in the TV/Film industries where an intense even field of light with sharp cutting capabilities is desired. Utilizing the compact single ended line of Metal-Halide lamps (HMI*), the luminaire delivers excellent daylight quality from a small, compact package and is useful in any situation where daylight color balance is required. The Cinelight Compact 2500W is focusable from spot to flood and can be used as a daylight booster, keylight, or fill-light.

     The Cinelight Junior construction of corrosion resistant extruded and die cast aluminum maximizes body strength while maintaining the light weight of an ideal location fixture. Wider angles give more light output and better light distribution over the full beam area.

     The Cinelight HMI electronic ballasts provide the latest standards in ballast technology. Flicker free, low noise, high output, this ballast is ideal for most demanding. A rugged and compact design offers easy handling in the field. Safety circuits such as over-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit protection gives safe and reliable operation dimming to 50% of full power. Active Line Filter (A.L.F.) and P.F.C (power factor correction) assures consistent color output, despite dimming, or main voltage fluctuations. Universal voltage at a switch of a button and flicker free mode. Compatible with all 2500W, 4000W Fresnel and PAR units.

     For transportation we can supply two optional flight cases: one that can accommodate the HMI Fresnel lamp head and barndoors and another case for electronic ballast and power cable.

     HMI fixtures provide a daylight-balanced light, which is essential in many cases (for example, when an artificial light needs to mix with natural daylight or when tungsten-balanced scenes require blue “moonlight”). Another common application is making sunlight effects through window, both on location and inside a studio. They may be put through diffusion or bounced to create a large, bright soft source.

Key Features:
  - high efficiency, wide-angle lenses
  - corrosion-resistant aluminium construction
  - extremely even light distribution
  - dual focusing knob (front and back)
  - easy service access
  - dual output electronic ballast (2500-4000W)
  - universal voltage ( 90-265V / 50-60Hz)
  - cold start and hot restrike ballast

Package content:
1 x HMI Fresnel 2500 watts lamp head
1 x HMI electronic ballast 2500/4000 watts
1 x 7m power cable ( ballast to lamp head)
1 x 1.5m power cable (ballast to wall socket)
1 x barndoors 4 leaf
2 x transportation hard case (optional) 299 euro

Guarantee: 1 year.

Note: delivery time for this item is expected to be 3-4 weeks.


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