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Electronic HMI ballast - 6000 watts

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     Cinelight electronic ballast series product is a sort of electronic ballast which can drive metallic halide lamp,can auto-identify metallic halide lamp head and possess high power density , especially suited for indoor and outdoor illuminance. 

 The Cinelight HMI electronic ballast provides the latest standards in ballast technology. Flicker free, low noise, high output, this ballast is ideal for most demanding. A rugged and compact design offers easy handling in the field.

     Safety circuits such as over-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit protection gives safe and reliable operation dimming to 50% of full power.

     Active Line Filter (A.L.F.) and P.F.C assures consistent color output, despite dimming, or main voltage fluctuations. Universal voltage at a switch of a button and flicker free mode. Compatible with all 200W Fresnel and PAR units.

Key Features:

  - universal voltage, automatic switch-over for 115V and 230V power supplies
  - no stroboscopic, high-speed camera can shoot up to 10.000fps
  - the maximum output of light fluctuations doesn’t exceed 3%
  - light output increases with 5% comparative with traditional magnetic ballast
  - 20% longer bulb life compared to magnetic ballasts
  - constant output power
  - constant color temperature
  - output power ranged from 50% to 100% of rated output power
  - low noise switch - noise reduction in the luminary
  - active line filter, power factor correction
  - line over-voltage protection
  - protection from overheating
  - compared with magnetic ballast, it has smaller volume and lighter weight



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