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D-Lite 400 (dimmable)

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†††† Cinelight D-Lite 400 is a soft light source ideally suited for Television or Film documentary shooting styles. The unit provides a broad soft and diffuse light. As a cosmetic light source it is ideal for news presenters reporting from locations around the world. The compact size and rugged lightweight nature make them well suited for travel.

†††† The Cinelight D-Lite 400 is as bright as a 4ft 4 bank but itís half the size.

†††† The integrated ballast in located in the head, on the back of the fixture. The Quicktronic HF ballast is manufactured by Osram and is designed to provide flicker free operation & stable color temperature under extreme conditions. It is equipped with a voltage controlled input stage. This stage regulates the voltage coming into the ballast and smooths out any minor or major voltage fluctuations that would otherwise cause a lamp to flicker or vary in light output. This is especially important for location shooting applications where the quality of the electricity is unpredictable. The integrated circuit board is protected by an easy to change fuse.

†††† The D-Lite (Dimmable-Lite) features a built-in dimmer control. Lamps can dim from 100% down to 5% using a knob on the back with minimal color shift and no flicker. You can also switch it from 2 lamps to 4 lamps to adjust the light output without any color shifting.

†††† Utilizes 4 U-shaped compact fluorescent lamps completely dimmable with 2G11 socket, 55 watts per lamp. Both daylight tubes and warm light tubes can be mounted, in order to obtain the desired color temperature.

†††† The fixtures use a lollipop attachment that adapts directly to a standard baby stand and can operate the fixture in any position.

†††† The built-in barndoors and detachable louver in the front helps out to control the wide beam spread of the fluorescent soft light and gets down to a narrow controllable beam spread with very high output. 

††† Components and accessories are fully compatible with Kino Flo brand, Diva-Lite.

††† D-Lite line offers the same quality level as higher priced competitors at a fraction of cost!

Key Features:

- Fixture includes center mount, louver, built-in barndoors and ballast.
- On location, lamps get to full color temperature in three minutes. When finished, turn off power and pack. No need for cool down period.
- The lamps can stay in the fixture for quick transport.
- All-in-one design with built-in dimming Osram Ballast.
- Remote dimming capability
- 2 lamps / 4 lamps switching. Dim the light without color shift.
- Low power consumption compared to light output, making them very practical for†location work, can plug in to any household outlet.
- Slim profile ideal for shooting in small offices, hallways, or cramped quarters.
- Low heat generation, allowing sets to remain cool
- Designed to use high quality, full spectrum lamps† (CRI> 90RA) like Kino Flo True Match, Osram Studio Line, Osram Dulux L.
- High color rendering True Match, Studio Line or Dulux L lamps work well alongside conventional quartz lights or HMI's. 
- Can be switched to either warm light or daylight-balance just by swapping the tubes to exactly match a locationís existing fluorescents.
- Produces a naturally soft light.
- Attached gels do not burn out or fade due to lower heat of fixture.
- Center mount for horizontal and vertical axis rotation with 5/8" receiver.
- Included honeycomb louvers give tremendous light control.
- Includes filter frame to easily attach gel filters in front of the light, between lamps and louver.
- Compatible with Kino Flo Diva-Lite fixtures with no differences of color temperature or output.
- Compatible with all accessories designed for DivaLite.
†-Can be equipped with the following lamps: Kino Flo True Match, Osram Studio Line and Dulux L.

Package content:

1 x D-Lite 400 fixture with reflector and integrated dimming ballast.
1 x honeycomb louver
1 x frame support for filters
1 x lolipop mount with 16mm receiver (5/8" receiver)
1 x 7m power with European power plug - CEE 7/4 ( Schuko )
1 x user manual

1 year guarantee


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