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FloLight 220W 4FT - 2 Bank with softbox

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 Key Features:

  - Input power: 220W
  - Output power: 1500 watts* (tungsten equivalent)
  - Voltage: 110-230V
  - Type: fluorescent with softbox
  - 2 Bank select ( turn ON/OFF 2/4 lamps )
  - Compact and lightweight gives it the quality of a versatile unit.
  - Die cast aluminum chassis.
  - High illumination output comparative with regular fluorescent and tungsten fixtures.
  - Power consumption of only 220 watts and has the same output as a 1500 watts regular tungsten bulb.
  - Power saving.
  - Professional fluorescent tubes with high CRI level ( >90RA ), with no green or blu­e light sparkle specific to consumer fluorescent light.
  - Compatible with Kino Flo True Match and Osram Studio Line 55W lamps. 
  - Build in professional ballast: long life, flicker free, high output, stable Kelvin color temperature, and no noise.
  - Ballast power efficiency n≥95
  - Select the color temperature by using 3200K (warm) tubes or 5600K (daylight) tubes.
  - Includes front silk diffusion for softener shadows.
  - Remarkable for their low level of heat output.
  - Protection against electrical shocks using integrated fuse into the AC jack (spare fuse included)
  - Material: aluminum body
  - Ballast: Integrated high frequency ballast
  - Socket: 2G11
  - Dual mount : detachable spigot 16mm and lolipop mount. This system allows to mount the fixture in any position.
  - Dimension without softbox:  114cm x 28cm x 5cm
  - Dimension with softbox attached: 150cm x 40cm x 35cm

Package content:
1 x Flolight 4FT 2Bank fixture
1 x softbox system
1 x detachable lolipop mount with spigot receiver. 
1 x 5m power cord


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