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FloLight 220W - 2 bank

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The FloLight fluorescent lights offer an incredible soft, beautiful light, using just 1/5 of the power of incandescent lights. Because of their compact and light weight design (aluminum chassis), these lights are extremely easy to set up. FloLights feature durable, lightweight, all metal (aluminum) design for years of use. The housing is black powder coated to withstand daily wear.

The Cinelight FloLight systems are the perfect replacements for incandescent softboxes and umbrellas and offer the perfect solution for greenscreen lighting. There are no softboxes to hassle, which minimizes the space required to operate the system without any compromise to the output.

FloLight's run for hours but still remain cool to the touch, while incandescent lights get dangerously hot in minutes; in this way, you can offer to a talent a cooler, more comfortable environment.

Comes with 4 way barndoors with hammered reflector surface, designed to increase the light output of the fixture and to create a smooth light beam without hot spots. Also the barndoors protect the lamps during transportation. Using the included front diffuser the lamphead and barndors become a softbox system. The optional soft honeycomb helps to retain the light spill.

Individual bank control: each group of two lamps in the fixture can be independently switched on/off allowing to adjust the brightness in small increments without any color shift! For this model there are 2 on/off switches so the brightness adjusted from 100% - 50% without color shifting.

The cool running operation of the fixture allows talents to remain comfortable even after hours of exposure. These fixtures are well suited for either location work or permanent studio installations. Comparative with Studio Cool model, the light output is slightly lower due to "hammered" reflectors but light is uniformly spread on a wider area and shadows are smoother.

Both amateurs and professionals will find the Cinelight FloLight to be the best on the budget lighting solution.

Key Features:

- 1000 watts tungsten equivalent and draw only 220 watts.
- can use warm color lamps for interior (3200K) or cold color lamps for exterior (5600K)
- CRI > 90 when using Osram lamps:no green or blue light sparkle specific to consumer fluorescent light.
- compatible with Kino Flo True Match and Osram Studio Line 55W lamps.
- adjust the brightness in small increments without color shift (100%-50%)
- build in professional ballast: long life, flicker free, high output, stable Kelvin color temperature, and no noise.
- 4 way barndoors.
- hammered reflector for smooth beam light without hot spots.
- include front silk diffusion for softener shadows.
- the compact size andlightweight make it easy to transport on location
- durable die cast aluminum chassis, powder coated.
- protection against electrical shocks using integrated fuse into the AC jack (spare fuse included).
- optional honeycomb to control thelight spill.
- optional transport bag for easy and safe transportation.
- operating voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz
-dimensions: 67 x 42 x 6 cm.
- weight: 4.8 kg.
- material:aluminumalloy

Package content:

1 x Flolight 220W - 2 bank
1 x power cable 5m (CEE 7/7) - PC computer type.
1 x support bar with 5/8" spigot receiver
1 x diffusion silk
1 x user manual

Guarantee: 1 year.


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