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DayFlo 900 - 6 X 28W with softbox

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†††† The DayFlo† lights are characterized by an uniform lighting surface, smooth adjustment of light intensity ranging from 25% to 100%, high stability in color temperature 5400K, functional housing high fidelity in color rendering.† This is a powerful fixture which is perfectly suited for product and portrait shooting, video reviews and chromakey studio videography.

†††† DayFlo systems deliver a daylight kelvin light source which creates an increased dynamic range in both contrast and color spectrum compared to tungsten sources; in this way the camera sees more variation between light and dark as well as more shades of each color. The contrastier look and harder shadows can be obtained by removing the front diffusion from the softbox which allows the light source to travel further.

†††† The lamp head is made from lightweight aluminum to be ultra durable and last longer on set and transportation abuse. For easier handling the light is equipped with a build in handle. The detachable spigot 16mm allows the unit to be mounted horizontally and vertically. On the back panel there are 3 bank switches that control groups of 3† bulbs so the light can be dimmed without changing the color temperature.

†††† These very forgiving lights produce even, soft light that renders natural skin tones without an≠y filtration. Combined with their specially designed softbox diffusers these multi-head systems deliver spectacular results in video, film, and still photography productions. The softbox is made of the latest and most sophisticated materials available and features highly reflective silver chrome surface for maximum output and years of trouble free operation.

†††† The Cinelight DayFlo lights are great to use in product photography, portrait photography and interviews. Compatible with all photo - video, film or digital SD and HD cameras because of their highly diffused nature. DayFlo lights are easy to work with, even for the beginners, and will give you professional results with every shot.

Key Features:

† - lightweight aluminum housing ,small size, built in handle gives it the quality of a versatile unit .
† - protection fuse against electrical shock.
†- detachable 16mm spigot offers the flexibility of mounting the DayFlo either horizontally or vertically giving you a choice of beam spreads.
† - high output comparative with an incandescent ball of 900 watts for drawing only 168 †watts.
† - includes 6† special high output 5400K daylight flicker free fluorescent 28 watts bulbs.
† - average bulb life is rated at 6,000 hours, outlast incandescent bulbs by 20 times.

Package content:

1 x lamp head 6 x 28W
1 x softbox 50 x 70 cm
1 x yoke bar with 5/8" receiver
6 x 28 watts 5400K bulbs
1 x 5m CEE 7/7 power cable
1 x spare fuse
1 x user guide

Guarantee: 1 year


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