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Cinefoil mate black roll - 61 x 720 cm

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Cinelight Equipment

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The Cinefoil is a black aluminum material with a matte finish that can be used to control and shape light. This accessory is ideal to reduce spill light or to eliminate unwanted reflections. The Cinefoil can be placed in position using tape or staples. You can use the Cinefoil to block the background light from a talent or to focus the beam on a particular object.

Key Features:
- Lightweight, flexible but durable material
- Form holding and heat resistant
- The matte black finish will not reflect light
- Controls and shapes light, eliminates reflections from shiny surfaces
- Can be quickly molded to form barndoors, snoot, flags or other lighting accessories used to control light
- Very useful to create different patterns and shapes by cutting holes into the material
- Can be clipped to barndoors to extend them
- Offers weather protection when used outdoors
- Roll measures 61cm wide x 720 cm long


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