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Wireless Radio Dimmer for DayLED lights

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Wireless Radio Dimmer for DayLED lights.
This accessory allows you to adjust thebrightnessof the DayLED fixtures from a distance up to 15m.
The package includes wireless radioreceiverand radio remote.One remote can control up to 4 independent receivers. Each receiver can be set on up to 4independentchannels or usedsimulations.
The receiver attaches on the back panel using 4 pin legs.

Compatible only with DayLED lightsequippedwith remote dimmer port (DayLED 600 / 900 / 1200, single color models - 5400K, metal version).
Not compatible with DayLED 600 PL series or DayLED 1200 Bi-Color.

Package content:
1 x Radio dimmer receiver
1 x Radio remote
3 x Batteries for remote


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