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Disc reflector 5in1 - 56 cm

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A lighting accessory designed to redirect or bounce natural or artificial light. The 5in1 reflector offers five reflector surfaces: translucent, white, silver, gold, and black, in one easy to carry package. Switch surfaces in seconds.

White: Use to reflect light with natural-looking results.
Silver: Use to increase specular highlights adding more contrast to your image.
Gold: Use for a strong warming effect in your lighting.
Black: Use for blocking light. It acts like a black flag to avoid your light spilling in other directions that you don't want. Can be also used as a black bacground for your shoots.
Translucent: Use to diffuse light. Produces a broad light source and soft effect.

The heavy-duty steel frame is guaranteed not to break for the life of the product. Reflector surfaces are smooth and flat for consistent, even reflections. The 5in1 Reflector comes in its own protective, durable fabric case for storing and transporting.

The versatility of the 5in1 Reflector makes it a tremendous tool for photography, video, and film production.


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