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Osram Dulux L 2G11 55W 3000K

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Fluorescent lamp, 4 pin.
Manufacturer: Osram
Product code: 930 (Dulux L)
Power: 55W watts
Voltage: -
Output: 4000lm
Color temperature: 3000K
C.R.I > 90RA
Average life time: 8000h

Dulux L lamps are specially designed for television studio lighting. They provide high lumen packages and offer excellent color stability, even when dimmed down to 50%.

The special phosphor allow them to seamlessly blend in with the light from other tungsten (warm) or metal halide (daylight) lamps on the sent.

Key features:

- two colour temperature version to match both tungsten halogen and metal halide light.
- high lumen output.
- excellent color rendering.
- dimmable with good color stability (require dimmable ballast).
- long service life, average 8000hrs
- offers a soft and diffused light.
- strongly reduced ambient temperature compared to tungsten light sources.
- relatively lower power consumption, eliminating the need of heavy duty power cables.

Compatible with the following fluorescent lights:

- Cinelight Studio Cool 2/4/6x55 watts
- Cinelight Flolight 2/4/6x55 watts
- Cinelight D-Lite 400
- Cinelight Pro-Bank 16x55 watts
- Arri Studio Cool
- Kino-Flo ParaZip
- Kino Flo ParaBeam
- KinoFlo Diva Lite
- Ianiro ICE 2/4/6/8
- Bowens SL
- Desisti De Lux 2/4 & 2/4 CYC
- Ikan
- Lowel Fluo-Tec
- Lowel E-Studio
- Lowel Caselite
- Mole Richardson Molescent Biax
- Mole Richardson Omni Biax


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