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Orbit Table Dolly

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     The Orbit Table Dolly is a versatile camera moving tool designed to create dynamic product or talent shots from a tabletop level. Having a maximum load capacity of approx. 8Kg, this simple to use "camera skater" can accept anything from a standard DSLR camera medium size professional camcorder.

     The 3 adjustable rubber wheels can be rotated individually, resulting a wide variety of interesting cinematic moves. By setting the wheels in a straight pattern, the Orbit Table Dolly can act as a low angle slider allowing the tracking of the subject along the floor. Rotating the wheels at a specific angle (using the individual scale marks), the Orbit Table Dolly is the perfect instrument for creating 360° moves around the subject in tight or broad motion curves, depending of the situation. 

     With a durable aluminum construction, weighting just 950g, the Orbit Table Dolly is a compact and portable camera accessory, convenient to carry around the location using the ergonomic hand-hold cutouts on each edge of the baseplate. The camera can be mounted in the center of the Orbit Table Dolly using the 1/4"-20 pin and extra articulating arms can be added to the platform using the additional three standard 1/4'' thread holes in order to hold a variety of accessories including clamps, LED lights and monitors. 

     The top of the Table Dolly platform is only 19mm above the ground, resulting some extremely low profile shots, lower than any other tracking device would allow. Using the platform whether in straight or circular moves, the "camera skater" provides quality, stable tracking shots, whether on location or in the studio.

Key Features:

- solid construction made from heavy-duty aluminum alloy and durable rubber wheels
- ergonomic design, weights only 950g
- maximum load capacity of approx 8Kg
- can be used with a DSLR or regular camcorders 
- center head screw accepts 1/4'' female connectors 
- additional 3 standard 1/4'' thread holes to fit extra accessories
- every wheel can reach up to180° rotation and can be set individually using the degree marks printed on the surface of the plate
- hand-hold cutouts on each edge of the plate provide a convenient way to lift and carry the unit
- can be used to create a variety of camera moves around the subject, from circular wide range moves to subtle straightforward tracking shots
- with just 19mm height, the Table Dolly creates low profile shots, adding drama to a scene.

Package content:

1 x Orbit Table Dolly platform with wheels

1 year guarantee

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