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Foldable X900 Dolly Platform

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Cinelight Equipment

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The X900 dolly platform offers a great experience to filmmakers, providing smooth, noise-free, Hollywood style shots.

The dolly features a stainless steel frame with aluminum board, a detachable T-bar handle and 4 sets of V-shaped wheels (16 pcs in total).

The great feature of this Dolly Platform is the foldable design that makes it easier to carry on location by small crews and takes less storage space. The built-in side handle is very useful when carrying the folded dolly.

The detachable push T-bar can be configured in three positions in relation with the dolly platform: left side, right side and center.

The wheels are made from a high density and quality rubber with sealed bearings to ensure smooth operation of the dolly system.

The X900 dolly platform can be used with both curved and straight tracks and fits any industry standard 620 mm width tracks making it cross-compatible with other branded

Key features:
- collapsible design with built-in handle
- detachable T-bar push handle
- 16 pcs wheels (4 sets)
- high density rubber wheel with sealed bearings
- fits 620 mm width tracks
- maximum load: 200Kg
- dolly body size: 900x800x100 mm
- dolly folded size: 450x800x200 mm
- weight: 18Kg

Package content:
1 x foldable dollyplatformwith 16 rubber wheels.
1 x detachable T-bar.


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