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Handheld Camera Stabilizer - Falcon Eyes VST-03

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For a video professional, being able to provide stable high-quality footage is critical, so the importance of using professional quality gear never must be underestimated.

The Falcon Eyes VST-03 camera stabilizer is a handheld camera stabilizing system used to create smooth, floating dynamic shots independent from the hand shake or body movement.'

The unit is lightweight (1.55Kg), designed to facilitate video making while walking, running, climbing stairs or moving around rough terrain.

The central column is an aluminum telescopic pole with a variable height from 63 cm to maximum 110 cm, in order to meet various shooting setups.

The adjustable, quick-releasing camera plate includes 1/4" camera mounting pin. Fine adjustments can be made on the plate from left to right, back and forth to achieve a perfect balance of the stabilizer.

The three-axis gimbal has precise bearings in every joint to reduce the instability while freely moving the hand in every dimension. The bearings of the gimbal are assembled tightly inside the joint to prevent dust and any other particles seeping in, extending the life of the product itself. The anti-slip rubber handle provides a firm and secure grip.

The bottom of the stabilizer consists of three segmented 4 sections counterweights (30g / 35g / 45g / 60g) that act like a tripod base when screwed in position. This way, the VST-03 camera stabilizer can stand on its own like any other tripod.

Key Features:
- total payload 1 - 5kg.
- 25mm aluminum poles to make the stabilizer lighter.
- stabilizer weight: 1.55 kg ( with counterweights)
- length adjustable central column 63-110 cm for better balancing the stabilizer.
- adjustable handle position (up-or-down on the central column) to adjust the pivoting point.
- quick-release plate with micro adjustments for fine tuning the balance of the camera.
- 3 axis high quality and precise bearings.
- 3 removable metal counterweights made of 4 detachable segments (30g / 35g / 45g / 60g)
- transport bag included


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