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Complete Body Stabilizer - Laing M-30

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† † †The Laing M-30 is a professional camera stabilizer made for small and medium size cameras supporting a total payload ranging from 2kg to 10kg max.

† † †As a body stabilization system the Laing M30 stabilizer helps distributing the weight from the camera and accessories over the shoulders, chest and waist.†

† † †The Laing M30 Steadicam type stabilizer consists of three main parts: the supporting vest, the shock-absorber arm and the handheld stabilizer.†

† † †The supporting vest has an ergonomic design, suitable for people in all sizes. The ultra-light fabric of the vest ensures air permeability and fast heat dissipation. The shoulder, chest and waist buckles adjust the dimensions of the vest to fit every figure. The vest's support structure is made from durable lightweight aluminum with high flexibility when in use. The thin chest plate and bridge plate feature a single extension knob to adjust the height of the vest. The link part of the shock absorber arm is removable and also suitable for bidirectional operation, with both right and left hand.

† † †The shock absorber arm provides stability to the image and reduces the impact from moving around the subject. It is a two-section articulating arm with high quality alloy springs and precise bearings in each joint to provide smooth sliding. The arm has a maximum load of 9.8 kg and can be boomed up and down, pivoted in and out and moved side-to-side.†

† † The handheld P-04 camera stabilizer is a professional, lightweight stabilizing device that helps producing smooth, floating, dynamic images. The central column is a carbon fiber telescopic pole with a variable height from 42 cm to maximum 74 cm, in order to meet various shooting setups. The adjustable, quick-releasing camera plate includes 1/4" camera mounting holes and features a "cheese" design to accommodate several types of cameras in different positions on the plate. Fine adjustments can be made on the plate from left to right, back and forth to achieve a perfect balance of the stabilizer.

† † †The three-axis gimbal has precise bearings in every joint to reduce the instability while freely moving the hand in every dimension. The bearings of the gimbal are assembled tightly inside the joint to prevent dust and any other particles seeping in, †extending the life of the product itself.†

† † †The Laing M-30 camera stabilizer is a versatile and user-friendly Steadicam system, with standard sized connections and great compatibility with various DSLR cameras, camcorders and accessories. Designed for both professional steadicam operators and filmmaking amateurs, the M30 stabilizer offers a reliable and valuable experience.

Key Features:

- total payload 2-10kg †
- designed for small and medium size cameras (DSRL's and camcorders).
- provides good weight distribution of the equipment over the shoulders, chest and waist
- lightweight aluminum construction vest with ultra breathable fabric and ergonomic design
- easy to adjust to any body size due to shoulder, chest and waist buckles†
- thin chest plate and bridge plate feature a single extension knob to adjust the height of the vest
- two-section articulating arm with high quality - tension adjustable - alloy springs handling a maximum load of 10kg
- carbon fiber and aluminum construction of the sled for keeping the stabilizer lighter.
- length adjustable central column 42-74 cm for better balancing counterweight of the stabilizer
- adjustable handle position (up-or-down on the central column) to adjust the pivoting point.
- quick-release plate with micro adjustments for fine tuning the balance of the camera
- standard sizes connections with great compatibility with other brands.
- transport bag included

Specification table:
Package content:

1 x stabilizer sled P-04
10 x metal counterweights 100g
1 x two section spring arm
1 x body vest
1 x hexagonal wrench
1 x user manual
1 x transport bag


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